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The Curious Savage

Taking a look at Hammond’s next theatrical production

By Lynn Phillips

Staff Writer

Hammond’s Theatre program is putting on a play this fall called The Curious Savage. The play will premiere November 18th and show until the 20th. 

There will be two casts for the play. The main character, Mrs. Savage, is played by senior Rachel England and freshman Jenna Dodge. Aside from the main characters, there are more people in the amazing cast which will be posted down below. 

To really understand what goes on in a play, we went behind the scenes and interviewed the cast. The director, Mrs. Tobiason, chose this play because, “It’s a comedy and I wanted to have something that was fun after the last year and a half, and it’s a play I directed early in my time at Hammond, so I’m familiar with it.”

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Fall Sports: Covid and Renovation Changes

By Lily DeBlasio

Staff Writer

Hammond Cheerleading performing at Varsity Field Hockey’s senior game, Picture by Lori Donato

After missing a regularly scheduled fall sports season last year, Hammond athletics had to be prepared for any challenges that could occur this year. Last fall, all sports were postponed to spring of 2021 due to the COVID- 19 pandemic. Many alterations were made to the way each program was run, in order to comply with CDC guidelines. 

Michael Lerner, the Hammond Athletic Director, explained one of the biggest issues athletics has faced during the Pandemic; buses. “The biggest thing [Covid-19] affected is transportation, like buses. With drivers getting sick, games are starting later, it’s a lot of late nights for athletes and coaches.” With late buses affecting game times, scheduling for every program has been more difficult than in previous years. Game times now have to be flexible, in the event a bus can’t make it on time and teams are late.

Aside from modifications made due to COVID-19, Hammond is also facing issues caused by the current renovations. Lerner explains “Hammond has the least amount of field space of any school in the county.” That being said, with the renovations occupying some of the practice fields for fall sports, Lerner says how “we have to be creative. What it’s forced us to do, is have teams practice off site, like field hockey does.” 

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Mask Mandate and In-Person Learning: Hammond Community Members Weigh-In

By Logan Forrest

Staff Writer

Pictured above: Mask mandate signs posted on Hammond’s front doors.

On Tuesday, September 14th, lawmakers voted in favor of a statewide mandate that requires masks to be worn in schools at all times, except for if outside at sports events or walking. The requirement of face-coverings in Maryland was made to protect the health and safety of teachers, school staff, students, and families.

Masks reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus, regardless of if an individual is vaccinated or not. Folks who aren’t vaccinated are especially encouraged to wear a mask in public places.

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Spirit Week 2021: Here’s What You Need to Know

Your guide to spirit week 2021.

By Kevin Barry

Staff Writer

Last year due to COVID-19 we saw spirit week in a way we’ve never seen it before, offering some new and old events such as field day, the infamous pizza wars, foodie Friday, and virtual trivia. Obviously not all of those events were able to run last year as they normally would, but now that we’re back in person, spirit week is back on full blast!

After the voting of more than 400 students, this year’s spirit week theme is Disney Plus! The goal of “pre-spirit week” was to prepare the underclassmen for the real thing, but here at Hammond spirit week is something that you don’t know the severity of until it begins. With that being said, let’s get into some of the things that you’ll need to know.

On Friday the 1st, spirit week is getting a little preview with Pajama day and then the following week is when the real celebration begins. Hammond Students voted on the possible days, resulting in the following: Monday (Decades Day), Tuesday (Wacky Tacky Day), Wednesday (Twin Day), Thursday (Theme Day), and finishing it off on Friday (Class Color Day). Class colors are as follows: seniors (Yellow), juniors (Red), sophomores (Black), freshmen (White). Pizza wars is scheduled for Monday the 1st (Same day as Decades Day) and all proceeds will go to help out the sophomore class.

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Back to School: What the 2021-22 School Year Means for Students 

By Uma Ribeiro and Leaana Khan

Editor-in-chief and Co-Editorials Editor

Image source: HCPSS HoCoSchools Instagram

The Bear Press asked Hammond students about their thoughts regarding the return to in-person instruction. Among all four grades, there was a shared feeling of concern regarding COVID-19, but many felt a sense of familiarity returning to school while others were excited to be in the building again or for the first time. 

The Return to School

How did students react to the decision to return to in-person learning this fall?

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Classes You Might Not Know About

By Joseph Lee

Staff Writer

Pictured above: Combined Music Tech and Musical Theatre GT students hard at work

A student’s school schedule is an important part of their high school experience. This is how most student days are spent during the school year, to learn and to interact with others. There are various classes Hammond offers that aim to reach the wide array of interests the student body has.

With most schedules consisting of seven classes, however, more than half of that is usually taken up by the required courses needed to graduate. This allows for a lesser chance to fit in all the electives a student might be interested in. 

The wide range of electives offered can be great in the fact that there are more available classes for students’ different interest, but it also ends up filtering more popular electives at the forefront. A lot of students don’t know about the different classes offered at Hammond like our Speech, Music Tech, and Women’s Studies classes. 

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In-Person vs. Online Learning

Breaking down the pros and cons at Hammond

By Ali Ahmed

Staff Writer

Pictured above: Students using their laptops to complete assignments in Ms. Stocklin’s AP English class.

As of August 30, 2021 Howard County Public School Systems has returned to in-person learning. This jump from online learning to in-person learning has caused many students and teachers to have to quickly adapt to a new lifestyle they had not seen for almost two full years. 

Hammond High School students and teachers harbor strong opinions on the ongoing debate between online school and in-person school. 

Hammond seniors Devon Yeckley, Hussain Masood, and Bennett Freeman all agreed that in-person school was more enjoyable by far.

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Fall Sports Season: Team Captains Comment

By Billy Liguori

Staff Writer

Pictured above: Izabel Stalnaker, senior captain of varsity field hockey team. Photographed by Lori Donato.

By Billy Liguori

Staff Writer

As fall sports began to take off, The Bear Press checked in with one captain from each team. We asked them questions about team highlights, rivals, post season goals, and overall team performance. Here is what each captain had to say:

Connor Walls, Golf

“One highlight from the year that stands out to me was when we won the Iron Skillet! Our team practiced so hard for the match, and we were able to conquer OM. We haven’t won since 2017, so it felt good!”

Jordan Campbell, Football

“The optimal goal would be to take home a state championship, but we need to start by winning counties. We are going to get there by hard work, dedication, and giving the best effort in all practices. We need to give the best version of ourselves on and off the field, allowing a winning mentality day in and day out.”

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