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George Floyd’s Death, BLM Protests, Derek Chauvin’s Trial, and Police Convictions

By Ariyanah Shelton

Staff Writer

Source: Jacquelyn Martin, Associated Press

Police brutality may have caused a black man named George Floyd to lose his life by using over aggressive force. On Monday May 25, 2020 a man named George Floyd lost his life after police were called by a clerk at Cup Foods reporting that Floyd had used a counterfeit bill to pay for his purchase.

After being approached by an employee of Cup Foods about the use of the counterfeit bill, Floyd refused to reenter the store to talk about the bill in question. According to an article written by Nicholas Burroughs and Jack Healy in Independent, titled “George Floyd: Inside the Minneapolis corner store whose worker made the 911 call that led to his killing,” Floyd was sitting in a car just outside the store when a white police responding to the call arrived. The actions taken by the police in the next few minutes will forever be remembered by all the bystanders watching.

Protest, after protest, after protest, occurred not only in the United States but all over the world. People of all races protested, and continued to protest for justice, and to put an end to all the brutality coming from officers who were hired to protect the people. They were tired of the wrong decisions, the racism, the anger, the lack of training, the way they overreact to situations, and the number of black lives that were being affected by police officers actions.

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Hammond High School’s Volleyball Season: Pandemic Edition

By Allison Diaz and Erin Peters

Staff Writers

Hammond High School’s varsity volleyball team

The most important time of the year for the majority of athletes is the beginning of the high school season. This year changed it all as COVID-19 hit the world and ruined the season for high school sports. However, coaches and athletes did not let that stop them from playing. The season was pushed back and the time was cut, but they still managed to have a season. The fall season began on February 16 of this year and since then, the girl’s volleyball team has played in a total of 10 games, winning three of them.

“The record does not affect our team, it’s how we play the game. If everyone is hustling, giving it their all and we still lose, nobody would be upset about that because we know we gave 100%,” says varsity volleyball athlete Abigail Weirich.

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In-Person Learning: An Interview With Hammond Students

By Uma Ribeiro, Marissa Yelenik, and Sarah Meklir

Editor-in-Chief, Online Editor, and Managing Editor

Pictured left to right: Saim Rizvi, Shivani Modi, and Julia Moyer, standing in front of their class’s work.

Freshman and seniors (9th and 12th grade) students as well as Application and Research Laboratory (ARL) students in group A for hybrid learning returned to the building on Monday, March 29th. Group B students returned on Thursday, April 1st. 

High school students in grades 10 and 11 who chose hybrid learning will be returning the week of April 12th, with those in hybrid group A returning on the 12th and those in group B on the 15th. 

The Bear Press (BP) interviewed 9th and 12th grade students who chose the hybrid learning model and returned to school the week of March 29th. 

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Hammond Boys Soccer On the Rise

By: Morgan Lane

Staff Writer

HaHS varsity players celebrate after scoring a goal against Glenelg Hs. Source: “Scott E’s Blog” on )

The 2021 fall sports season was different to say the least, but Hammond boys’ varsity soccer continues to show perseverance and hard work to be successful on the field. 

Boys’ varsity soccer has flourished this year, and has been performing exceptionally well. During the season opener on March 5th, 2021, they came out strong beating Atholton 4-1 and starting off with a winning record in the books. This was a big win against one of their rival teams, and a good way to liven up the start of the season. 

The current record of the team is 4-3, and the team is hoping to come in the top 8 of HoCo teams in order to qualify for playoffs. Right now, they’re in a good spot, standing 5th out of all the boys’ teams in the county. In order to reach this goal, there is work to be done, but they’re getting better everyday.

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Varsity Girls Soccer Coach Comments on Fall Season

By Leaana Khan

Co-Editorials Editor 

Nichole Lainez, Senior
Megan Gould, Senior

Despite numerous challenges this season, Hammond’s Girls Varsity Soccer team is back and is persevering through them all, according to Coach Schaefer. When asked how the season is going so far, Schaefer said, “The season is going well; we are having a lot of fun just being together and getting out to play. We waited a long time for the season to get started and so we are grateful for the time to be playing together. We have learned a lot about each other and have made tremendous progress in terms of our understanding of the game.” She also mentioned the amazing performance of the three captains: seniors Camryn Johnson and Grace Yodzis and junior Laura Keister.

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Cross Country: COVID edition

By Ada Wang

Staff Writer

Photo of Hammond Track, by Wayne Low

As the cross country season comes to a close, some of the members of the team and coaches about this unprecedented season have described how COVID-19 has created new challenges for many high school sports teams.

Mr. Kosisky, a coach with Hammond’s cross country team, discussed some of the challenges, saying that, “The most significant changes and challenges would be preparation, weather, and health concerns due to the pandemic. For example, paying attention to the student’s well-being is more important than ever. We have some athletes that have been running during the pandemic and we had athletes that were not running. We also had some athletes that did not want to join the team this season due to COVID, which we understand. It has been different trying to bring a team together in a short amount of time. However, the students have been awesome and dedicated.” 

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Hammond Cheer Update: Fall Sports Season 2021

By Lydia Jensen 

Co-Editorials Editor 

Pictured above: Hammond Cheer Team in Fall 2020. Photo provided by Bella Deblasio. 

This fall season, Hammond’s varsity cheerleading has continued and the team will be present to cheer at every home football game, but is restricted from cheering at away games for now. Cheerleaders are still allowed to cheer, stunt, and tumble, but must wear a mask at all times and sign in. 

In addition to this, the schedules for the games are very flexible and change often because of the pandemic, and the best way to know what games are next is to keep in contact with athletes and their coaches because of their tendency to change. 

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Hammond Football Update: Fall Sports Season 2021

By Kevin Barry

Staff Writer

Pictured: Hammond Students Jordan Campbell (#6) and Nick Thomas (#13)

Hammond High football has hit the ground running, starting their season as soon as they could due to previous delays. With the absence of playoffs and a championship, players are eager to show their skills in the little allotted playing time that is available this year. 

Hammond’s senior starting quarterback and team captain Eric Grinwis gave his own insight on the start of the season, saying “so far everything has gone well; in my opinion, we are probably the best team altogether to come through Hammond.”

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A Closer Look at Hammond’s Project Linus Chapter

By Halimah Kargbo

Features Editor

A Project Linus meeting from the 2020-2021 school year

Hammond’s Project Linus chapter is a club dedicated to not only community service, but also to building friendships and camaraderie. Meetings, which occur over Google Meet every Tuesday at 3 pm, are a safe and comfortable space for Hammond students to come and engage in various discussions or activities.

“People don’t really understand that we don’t want to just be the club that can get you some quick service hours,” senior Feben Abiy says. “We essentially want to be a place for students to just vent and be creative; sometimes we watch shows/movies, give each other advice, or just encourage people to come and socialize.”

Feben is the president of Project Linus this year and shares insights into how the club has had to change due to the new virtual environment.

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A preview into Hammond softball

By Jordan Rodriguez 

Staff Editor

2019 County Championship win against Mt. Hebron High School

With no 2020 season, the Hammond Varsity softball team is still the reigning County Champions (2019 County Champions)  and they are looking to continue as the County champs. The softball team is led by the Varsity coach Mr. Russell Kovach, who has been a part of Hammond’s amazing softball program going on three years now and is a biology teacher at Hammond. As of 2020, the softball team has added a new member to the coaching staff Ms. Anna Pallozzi, who is a middle school teacher and another great leader in the softball program. She is currently the Junior Varsity coach.  

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