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The Truth Will Prevail

By: Carlos O’Ryan

Online Editor

It is ludicrous to think that there are people within our wonderful, intellectual community that give into baseless conspiracies, and make attempts to spread falsehoods about our planet Earth. It is unbelievable that there are Round-Earthers in Howard County.

Round-Earthers are literally the scourge of this beautiful, FLAT Earth. They feed our children lies and various airplane chemicals in order to appease their Evil Overlord, Barack Obama. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, speaking of which, don’t actually exist, since global warming is a fabrication by the Lizard-people from the Moon, (which, by the way, is a hologram created by NASA that is used to conceal their massive space station/death ray, the “Not-Alive-Inator”), in order to make good capitalist businesses cut down on profits.

flat earth.png

Photo Credit: The Truth


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The Challenges of College Applications

Amanda Russel

In-Depth Co-Editor

With college application deadlines coming and going for the next few months, seniors are currently in the midst of the lengthy, stressful, and tedious process of applying to college.

      At the beginning of the school year, seniors were instantly thrust into the chaotic college application process. Senior Luz Serna said “I wish it wasn’t so quick. We just got back from summer and it feels like there is no thinking time.”

With the earliest college application deadlines being due on October 15th, and the FAFSA Application opening up on October 1st, it is no wonder that seniors felt overloaded at the start of the school year. ”

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Taking The SAT and ACT Out of College Applications

Aubryanna Lee

Co-A&E Editor

Have you taken the SAT? Have you taken the ACT? Have you ever been worried about not getting into college because of your SAT or ACT scores? Well, if you are a student in the Class of 2023 or any of the following classes, you may not have to worry about submitting any standardized test scores to any colleges.

      There are over 850 schools that no longer require applicants to submit their SAT scores (The New York Times). Colleges say that removing the SAT scores helps them attract strong applicants that may not have previously applied. This includes minority students, those from low income families, and those whose academic abilities are not showcased by standardized tests. Data shows that tests like the SAT are biased against students from low-income households. Students coming from low-socioeconomic backgrounds tend to have a lower performance on standardized tests.

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Best Buddies is Back

By: Laura Mosier
Staff Writer

Hammond student, Katie Rees, has spent the past few months working hard to reopen Hammond’s chapter of the international organization Best Buddies. Best Buddies is an organization that helps students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In 2014, Hammond’s Best Buddies chapter was closed due to internal conflict, and Katie saw a need for this organization to be reopened at Hammond.

katie and deja

Best Buddies Katie Rees and Deja Reece

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Where are They Now? – Mr. Akatu

By: Aidan Borsh
Staff Writer
Current seniors that were in Mr. Osborne’s 10th grade class will remember the infamous Mr. Akatu. (Although, if Mr. Akatu is more memorable than Mr. Livieratos’ student teacher, Mr. “M,” is up for debate). While Mr. “M” quickly abandoned his desire of becoming a high school teacher, Mr. Akatu stuck with it. The former running back for the University of Maryland Terrapins and graduate of Towson now spends his days teaching in his own classroom at Rockville High School.

At Hammond he touched many lives, mainly by angering several 10th graders about the plot of Life of Pi. Nonetheless, his teaching was only a small slice of why this man kept life interesting through the stress of sophomore year. From his newsboy cap, to the fact that he pours his milk before his cereal,

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Where are They Now? – Mr. Kostrick

By: Kenneth Apana-Korley
Online Editor

For years in the technology hallway at Hammond High School, one man stood firm while so many left along the way. A man named Alan Kostrick stood by his motto, “Kostrick Kares;” but now that he’s gone, everybody wants to know: Where is he now? With that question in mind, the Bear Press was able to get in touch with Mr. Kostrick through email and conduct an interview.

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