Cross Country Player Profile: Polina Sobol

By Molly Schreier
Staff Writer


Senior Polina Sobol finished 10th place out of 146 female varsity runners at the 5000 meter for the Spike Shoe Invitational.

As senior Polina Sobol crossed the finish line at the 5000 meter for the Spike Shoe Invitational September 23rd, she was not worried about her place–she was worried about her hair.  “My hair went out!  Like my hair tie flew off and my hair went floush!  It was terrible.”  Not too terrible, though, as she finished 10th place, out of 146 women varsity runners.

Polina has seen great success this season.  Her time at Spike Shoe, 22:06.29, occurred in ninety-degree heat.   At the Howard County Invitational, she placed 24th in 21:29.4, a three-mile personal record.  Most recently, Polina placed 8th at the Crossfire Invite, beating her time at Spike Shoe and setting a new personal record for 5000 meters, 21:20.9. Continue reading


Top 5 Rolling Stones Songs

By Ethan Daucher
Staff Writer

rolling stones.jpg

Photo Credit: Dailymail

Almost everyone has heard of the Rolling Stones, and if they haven’t, they have probably unknowingly heard one of their many famous songs. The Rolling Stones is a widely popular British rock band that had been around for many years, ever since the British Invasion in the 1960’s. The band is made up of many members, such as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood. The Stones have been known to change their style of music throughout the many years that they’ve been around. From genres such as Rock n’ Roll to blues, pop, disco and even country, thus appealing to many. Because of such diversity in music, they have many great and influential songs that have reached top charts countless times throughout the many years they have been together. Hate them or love them, here are the top 5 Rolling Stones Songs that you should listen to, in no particular order.

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New Teachers at Hammond: David Burnham

By Kenneth Apana-Korley
Staff Writer

Over the next few weeks, the Bear Press will be uploading articles about each of Hammond’s new teachers that have joined us this 2017-2018 school year. Be sure to check in each week for more new teacher interviews!


Photo Credit: Shehzan Dahya

Enter the world of David Burnham. As you walk down the tech hallway at Hammond High, you will most definitely see Mr. Burnham in front of room 609. The room is filled with computers and a bunch of hardworking students. 

Between the first two rows in the computer lab, you’ll find Mr. Burnham standing by his cart, with his computer, giving his class a lecture and enriching his students with the glories of computer science.

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Cartoon Day: Told Through Tweets

Our top three winners for Cartoon day were:

1st Place: The Simpsons

2nd Place: Kim Possible

kim possible

Tiger Johnson

3rd Place: Rugrats


Taylor Owens, Makayla Buecker, Julia Fato, Sarah Hitman, Angell Al-Yaseri, Sophie Baldwin

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Twin Day: Best Dressed

On Tuesday, Hammond went all out and pieced together their best twin costumes. Here are the top three winning costumes:

1st Place: The Oompa Loompas

oompa loompas

Mansa Asiedu, Mandi Bhatt, Jessica Welsh, Hannah Wehrmeister, Aleah Eschman, Isabelle Dyson, Grace Lee, Kayla Sharp, Maya Harris, Crystal Mwende, Olivia Phillips, Albert King, Emily Vandervelden, Journey Drew, Sunjana Patel

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Howard County Anti-Discrimination Policies up for Revision

By Caderyn Delker
Staff Writer

Last March, community members and Howard County administrators came together and began working on a committee dedicated to the revision of “Policy 1010”, HoCo’s current anti-discrimination policy. Policy 1010 contains all of Howard County’s procedures pertaining to harassment and discrimination within our schools. Previously, Policy 1010 lacked specific language to protect students from discrimination on the basis of immigration status or gender identity.


Students agree that diversity is important at Hammond (Left to Right: Carson Long, Madhu Nallani, Joel Olujide, Isabelle Dyson)

At each meeting, committee members carefully combed through Policy 1010, making edits, broadening its applications, and taking pointers from other counties’ policies in order to revise and improve our own. Membership consists of carefully recommended student representatives, parents, and teachers from all over the county. Continue reading