Our Top 3 Pics

Bear Press photo editor looked back through his art portfolio, and here are his top 3 pictures!

Shehzan Dahya 'Bear Force'

“Bear Force!” By Photo Editor: Shehzan Dahya

Shehzan Dahya 'A Complaint'

“A Complaint” By Photo Editor: Shehzan Dahya

Shehzan Dahya ' Outlook'

“Outlook” By Photo Editor: Shehzan Dahya

Hammond Named 2017 School of Opportunity

By: Molly Schreier
Features Editor

On January 22, 2018, Hammond High School was named a 2017 “School of Opportunity” by the National Education Policy Center (Boulder, Colorado) (NEPC). The NEPC acknowledges that most school recognition favors schools whose students are affluent and have high access to opportunities. This award instead recognizes schools who close opportunity gaps and are dedicated to equity.

The Washington Post article that announced Hammond’s award described why Hammond won: “Hammond’s impressive curriculum is grounded in rich, project-based learning. The school has eliminated its low-track classes and significantly increased African American enrollment in its AP courses.” Continue reading

NAHS Empty Bowls Fundraiser For Grassroots

By: Amina Jamil
Managing Editor

The annual Empty Bowls event took place last Friday, February 23rd. It is sponsored by the art club and National Art Honor Society (NAHS). The purpose of Empty Bowls is to raise money for local food shelters, and all proceeds go to Grassroots.  What exactly do you do at Empty Bowls? When you come in, you buy a ticket for $10, which covers the cost of an all-you-can-eat soup buffet, and you get to take home a clay bowl. While you enjoy your meal, there is live music, courtesy of Jazz Band, and even a few featured performances from certain individuals. It is a welcoming, family-friendly environment that allows people to enjoy a nice dinner while supporting a good cause. Continue reading

Are Video Games Getting Too Hard?

By: Ethan Daucher
Staff Writer

It seems as if in recent years the gaming industry has shifted its turns to games that are difficult and hard to play. For example Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and the most recent one to come out, Cuphead are among many recent immersions of these new “ultra hard” games. A big question arises and that is whether or not having an extremely difficult game is a good design choice. The more difficult a game becomes, the more exclusionary this game becomes, keeping a handful of people from playing the game and enjoying the content and gameplay it has to offer.

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Profesor Ulloa trae el mundo a Hammond en español

por:  Tsega Amare ’18
Español 5 AP estudiante

El Sr. Oscar Ulloa viajó a Japón con solo una mochila y poco dinero, pero vivió allí por siete años. Al principio, era difícil para acostumbrarse al nuevo ambiente, pero después de un tiempo pudo hablar el idioma con fluidez. Con mucho trabajo y perseverancia, cualquiera persona puede aprender un idioma.

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