Hammond’s Rising Volleyball Star

By Jariah Nash

Staff Writer

Pictured above: Hammond junior Safi Hampton

Over the last 2 years, let’s be honest, we have all heard a thing or two about Safi Hampton. But how much do we really know?

By now, many have heard that she is committed to play Division 1 volleyball. As a junior, she accepted an offer from The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. A lot of students had questions about Hampton and how she committed. Why Chapel Hill? How did she do it as a junior in high school? Hampton gave us the opportunity to talk to her about her love for volleyball and her future with the sport.  

During Hampton’s club season, she had colleges coming to look at her from all over. 

“They weren’t allowed to say anything to any players they were looking at. They would just watch you play, and if they liked you, they would show interest. This involved getting your phone number and contact information,” said Hampton.

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Afghanistan Suffers Again: Hammond Students and Teachers Comment on the Taliban’s Return to Power

By Zahraa Aslam

Staff Writer

A U.S. general warned the Taliban to stay out of Kabul or be bombed. The  Taliban rolled into Kabul anyway.

Image source: nbcnews.com

Afghanistan is in danger again. The Taliban took control over Kabul on August 15th, 2021. This is the second time the Taliban has taken over. The first time the Taliban took over was from 1996 to 2001. They made sure women had little to no rights. Among the many constrictions, women were not able to go to school, they could not work or go out in public without a man escorting them, and they had to fully cover their bodies. 

When the Taliban first took control, they caused the 9/11 attack. Now that the Taliban has taken over again, they changed up their rules. People cannot leave Afghanistan, women can learn, but only if they have a female teacher, and they have to go to an all-female school. 

The people of Afghanistan don’t have a voice: if they speak up against the Taliban, they could be punished or even killed. Despite all that’s happening, the president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, fled and left his people behind in danger, but he wasn’t the only one. 

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The Curious Savage

Taking a look at Hammond’s next theatrical production

By Lynn Phillips

Staff Writer

Hammond’s Theatre program is putting on a play this fall called The Curious Savage. The play will premiere November 18th and show until the 20th. 

There will be two casts for the play. The main character, Mrs. Savage, is played by senior Rachel England and freshman Jenna Dodge. Aside from the main characters, there are more people in the amazing cast which will be posted down below. 

To really understand what goes on in a play, we went behind the scenes and interviewed the cast. The director, Mrs. Tobiason, chose this play because, “It’s a comedy and I wanted to have something that was fun after the last year and a half, and it’s a play I directed early in my time at Hammond, so I’m familiar with it.”

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Fall Sports: Covid and Renovation Changes

By Lily DeBlasio

Staff Writer

Hammond Cheerleading performing at Varsity Field Hockey’s senior game, Picture by Lori Donato

After missing a regularly scheduled fall sports season last year, Hammond athletics had to be prepared for any challenges that could occur this year. Last fall, all sports were postponed to spring of 2021 due to the COVID- 19 pandemic. Many alterations were made to the way each program was run, in order to comply with CDC guidelines. 

Michael Lerner, the Hammond Athletic Director, explained one of the biggest issues athletics has faced during the Pandemic; buses. “The biggest thing [Covid-19] affected is transportation, like buses. With drivers getting sick, games are starting later, it’s a lot of late nights for athletes and coaches.” With late buses affecting game times, scheduling for every program has been more difficult than in previous years. Game times now have to be flexible, in the event a bus can’t make it on time and teams are late.

Aside from modifications made due to COVID-19, Hammond is also facing issues caused by the current renovations. Lerner explains “Hammond has the least amount of field space of any school in the county.” That being said, with the renovations occupying some of the practice fields for fall sports, Lerner says how “we have to be creative. What it’s forced us to do, is have teams practice off site, like field hockey does.” 

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