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Arm Wrestling Inducted as Varsity Winter Sport

Troy Kelly

Staff Writer

IMG_1620.jpgStarting next year there will be a new winter sport coming to Howard County; arm wrestling will officially be considered a Hammond varsity sport. There has been a lot of argument as to whether arm wrestling could officially be embraced as a league and be played throughout the county but after much argument the board has allowed arm wrestling to be a sport played by all schools throughout the county.

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Wrestling Wrestles Its Way to States

Bin Lin and Steven Pangburn

Staff Writers

With winter season sports soon coming to a close, the Wrestling Team at Hammond High School has once again outdone themselves. All of the new and veteran players have made improvements and sufficient progress in this most recent season.  

Senior Jordan Davis, one of three captains on the Wrestling Team, shared that to him wrestling is a lifestyle. Something that furthers his own personal skills. “It’s mostly about becoming a better person and developing good life skills and good habits.”

Davis believes that gaining experience is very valuable and he admires the process. “You could lose to a guy, in the beginning of the year, but when you meet him again in regionals you could destroy the kid because you remember how he wrestled you, how he wrestles, and how you could counter his mistakes.”

Davis also commented that Coach Yeo has been the MVP of the team because Coach Yeo has been encouraging wrestlers to work hard and teaching them how to overcome their obstacles. “Coach Yeo is the one person in the school, that I know, that really cares for his athletes. He has taken them out of bad situations and turned them around into some of the most respectful and hard working people that I met in my entire life. He has taken some people who had little to no experience in sports into the most dedicated people and I am confident to say that. ”

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Girls Basketball Gets Nothing but Net

Tori Vander Putten 

Back Page Editor

The Hammond Girls Varsity Basketball team ended their regular season with a record of 12-10, the best record in the past 17 years. Led by new coach, Ryan Hudy, the team not only defeated their rival, Oakland Mills, 70-62 but Senior Captain Imani Reid completed her goal of scoring 1,000 points over her high school career following in the footsteps of her mother and former coach, Raymona Reid. Imani noted that “it was weird adjusting to a new coach but when we actually got to know who he was and his methods of coaching that made everything easier.” Though the season started with a tough loss, the program had worked hard to end the season strong, ready to take on any challenge that playoffs may throw at them. Coach Hudy commented that “the most challenging part of the season has been getting the girls to realize their talent and how good of a team we can be.”

The team has done a phenomenal job of working together to come back after rough first halves and continuing to play their game after debatable calls. In their game against Marriotts Ridge February 25, the girls were down 3-14 after the first quarter yet never gave up and ended up winning the game 61-54, allowing them to achieve their winning record.

Senior Captain Taylor Liguori mentioned that, “the last time Hammond girls basketball had a winning record was 2002, so being able to come in senior year and have that winning record and have that winning mentality was a big part of why this season was great.” Coach Hudy worked day after day to push the team to be the best they could be and as the results show; this team is the best that Hammond has seen in a while.

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Indoor Track Speeds Its Way to States

Brian Paul and Chris Parris

Co-Sports Editor and Staff Writer

Hammond High’s Indoor Track team had a spectacular season that will surely be remembered for a long time. With the team placing high across multiple events and competitions, the sky’s the limit for the achievements that the Indoor Track team will earn in the years to come.

Senior Caleb Evans took great pride in the overall success of the team this past season. “During the season we did a lot of good things. We were ranked in the region. In almost all of the events that we went to [we] ranked in the Top 10 or Top 20. A lot of us made it to States. Overall, we were really successful.” Caleb, along with his brother Collin, have both been running for Hammond’s Indoor Track team since freshman year, making a big impact on the team and having a good time along the way.

One aspect of the team that was not overlooked was the collective bond that was formed over the course of the season, which resulted in overwhelming success for the unit as a whole. Caleb was also very appreciative of the chemistry built by the team. “I love the environment. I mean, everybody gets along. They’re kind of like a second family to me. We try to do team activities, like having a game night or texting each other in our group chat. We’re always bonding.”

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Boys Basketball Shoots for a Great Season!

Claire O’Rourke

Features Editor

Hammond Boys Basketball’s Varsity Golden Bears finished this season with an impressive overall record of 8-14.

The Varsity Golden Bears started the season with five back-to-back wins, including an overtime victory by a close score of 59-57 against Glenelg. Their momentum was stunned, however, following a tough loss two games later against Oakland Mills, but they were able to bounce back in the next game with a 53-47 win against Kent County.

January was a tough month for the Varsity Golden Bears, who suffered close losses in most games that month. The highlight and showcase of skill for them that month was their January 28th game against Concordia Prep, in which they won by an overwhelming score of 70-32.

Going into their March playoffs, the Varsity Golden Bears had lost the game before, but were still strongly carrying the momentum from a win against Centennial two games before by a score of 62-58. However, on Friday March 1st, they would drop their first playoff game against Wilde Lake 59-44.

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Varsity Volleyball Serves Up Spirit

Amanda Weirich
Staff Writer

Hammond’s Varsity Volleyball team is looking to continue making big improvements for the upcoming years. The team consisting of one sophomore, seven juniors, and four seniors has a record of 1-8 so far this season. Although they may not have many wins, they are determined to continue working hard.

Senior captain Trinity Addo says “This season we wanted to work on communication and keeping energy up, and I think we have definitely improved on that, and we continue to work on it.” Communication was a big part of their win against Patapsco High School, and is the start to them winning more.


Some of Varsity Volleyball’s toughest opponents include Atholton and Oakland Mills. Sophomore Abbie Weirich stated “Our toughest opponent was probably Oakland Mills. It was a tough loss for all of us and was a team we could have beat, but we just didn’t terminate.” Addo added that “Atholton has been our toughest opponent because they are two time state champions and they have really good skill on their team.”

With Hammond’s Varsity volleyball being a new team, they have made quick adjustments and have worked hard to try new things. “I knew that this would be a new group of athletes working together, so I really wanted them to gel as quickly as possible, and to try different positions. That’s something they’ve been doing since the very beginning of the season. No matter what I request, or [what] spot I ask them to try to find on the court, they do a really good job of listening” says Coach Corey.

Volleyball has been working hard and has come a long way with many improvements. Senior captain Hannah Gorel says “We have improved most [in] communication, and where everyone will be on the court.”

Weirich and Addo also agree that communication has been the biggest improvement, “In the beginning of the season we did not talk very much, and maybe that was because it was a new team, but we have come a long way” Weirich says.

“I am definitely most proud of some solid blocks and some solid kills. Even against teams that haven’t been quite the match for us, even if they’re ahead in points, we still have been consistent about trying to score. We don’t let our heads get too low, and this year we have had less roller coaster rides” explains Coach Corey.

Motivation is key to leading a team, and Hammond’s Varsity Volleyball offers that. Senior captain Hannah Gorel says “I lead and motivate the team by trying to put my best effort forward. I try my best to stay positive and talk to teammates about what to change.” With communication as a main focus, Varsity volleyball tries to do many team bonding activities. They have done an escape room and many times they like to go out to eat on days off or before the games.

“If we accomplish one of our team goals in a game our coach will give us a chick fil a gift card” Weirich says. This is another small way the volleyball team stays motivated.  Now is a crucial time for the team to be motivated for the playoff season, “Playoffs we always go back to basics and capitalize on the positive moments we’ve had and celebrate those. When we come into playoffs we are going to be focusing on just making solid passes and trying to connect well with the ball. Communication is always huge in volleyball, so we’re going to be working on that. For the most part we are going to try to play Hammond volleyball and not give up on anything and give 100 percent” says Coach Corey.

Leading By Example: Varsity Hammond Football

By: Bin Lin and Steven Pangburn
Staff Writers

Hammond High School is primarily an academic school, however it does not stop athletic students from playing sports as well. Hammond High School’s Varsity Football has a lot to offer. The head coach, Coach Frederick, and some members of the team have also described the team as a team where growth and commitment happens on a daily basis.


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