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NFL Draft — Who Will the Ravens Choose?

Aaron Walton
Staff Writer

With the NFL Draft coming up, the Baltimore Ravens have a variety of needs for young talent in multiple areas, especially with Joe Flacco and most of their offence growing older. The Bear Press asked Hammond students what they thought the Ravens’ most significant needs were heading into draft day on Thursday, April 27th.

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Maryland Basketball: Looking Forward to March Madness

By Aaron Walton
Staff Writer

Maryland men’s and women’s basketball have been top notch this year, with the men reaching rank No.24 with a record of 22-5, and the women currently ranking 5th with a record of 27-2. The women’s team is led by player Shatori Walker-

NCAA Womens Basketball: NCAA Tournament-2nd Round-Princeton vs Maryland

Shatori Walker-Kimbrough leads Maryland to a win against Princeton two seasons ago at the 2015 NCAA Women’s Tournament. Credit: BDN Sports

Kimbrough, one of the country’s best scorers, and the men’s team by Melo Trimble, one of the best point guards in the country and a potential first-round draft pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

In the opinion of many fans, the men’s team has been underperforming this year with Trimble, a junior who is on the hunt for a national title before he enters the draft. The Terps still have two games left in the season and are fighting to keep a high seed in the tournament this year. They are predicted to enter the tournament as the 7th seed in the West, playing Syracuse in the first round. The West is arguably the most challenging division of the bracket, with the number 1 team in the nation, Gonzaga, and a tough Oregon team looming down the road at March Madness. The usual top teams, such as Duke, UNC, and Kansas, have been getting upset all year, and if Maryland wants a chance they have to hope that these upsets continue.

For the women’s team, the situation is the opposite. They are one of the most elite teams in the nation. The Lady Terps are the 2nd best team in the country, only behind the UCONN Huskies (who have a 100 straight win streak), and are predicted to be seeded number 3 in the bridgeport division, the same division that UCONN is predicted to be in. Maryland is most likely making the elite 8 this year and playing against a better UCONN team that has not lost in 2 years. However, the Lady Terps have enough support and talent to pull off an upset.

Tournament selection day is March 12th, an opportunity for watching both of the Terps teams being selected. Hopefully, they will be cutting down the net in Arizona.  

Is the NFL Not Fun Anymore?

A Sports Editorial by: Aaron Walton

Staff Writer

The NFL is becoming less and less exciting as the years go by, and looking at the ratings from last year, they have gone down double digits. As reported by CNN Money in October 2016, “The NFL is used to crushing the TV ratings game. But this year, it’s in a serious slump. Four weeks into the regular season, the league’s ratings are down 11% across FOX, CBS, NBC and ESPN. And everyone in the industry is starting to take notice.” Viewership for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” the premiere game of the week, is down 13% compared to last year, while ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” is down 17%, and the Sunday afternoon games on Fox and CBS are down 3-4%, according to Nielsen data.

It is easy to see that fans are starting to become less interested, and some are saying that the league is more corporate and more about professionalism and money than a person living out their dream of playing for the love of the game and to entertain people. In today’s games, it seem like there is a commercial every five seconds, which stretches a game that is originally supposed to be 60 to 75 minute game to four and a half hours. Most people even opt for paying extra for the NFL Redzone channel where they show every game with no commercial breaks.

It seems that “America’s team” is the answer to this decline in views, as reported on “The Cowboys’ 31-26 victory over Washington on Thanksgiving was the most-watched regular-season game of the season. It was also the most watched regular-season game on Fox since the network got into the NFL broadcasting business back in 1994,” which makes sense because now that the Cowboys are coming alive, everyone wants to see “America’s Team” live.

The commissioner finally caved into the whole custom shoe idea because the NFL changed up their guidelines for a week by letting players wear custom cleats that represents a charity of their choice. Every player took advantage of it with crazy colorways, great looking designs, and pictures on every cleat. Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton wore neon green and orange cleats which is different than the team’s actual colors, blue and white.

Also the NFL is “cracking down” on touchdown celebrations which is the best part of the game and the most memorable. For example the Pittsburgh Steelers spoke to their superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown about him dancing in the endzone because it is putting their defense in a bad position because of unsportsmanlike conduct. As reported by the Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger says, “I know for a fact that he’s scored touchdowns in one o’clock games that aren’t the big prime time games and they haven’t flagged him.” It seems like the NFL only cares about being “professional” during important games because in the NFL penalty data base, he has been flagged more during 8:30 games than the 4:30 or the 1:00 games.

The NFL’s committee needs to let loose or relax a little bit because the people are telling them to stop and let the league be fun again, but they just lay back and try to get more money any way they can but it is clearly not working

Hammond vs. Wilde Lake Football Preview

By Aaron Walton
Staff Writer

Hammond’s struggles continue after a disappointing 51-6 loss to the Atholton Raiders last week. Now the Golden Bears are looking for some type of spark tonight against the Wilde Lake Wildecats at 7:00 on the Wildecats’ home field.

The players expressed a positive attitude about getting the season back on track. Linebacker Juan Mercedes gave a quote about the game. “If everyone plays their position and executes properly, we will win.”

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Varsity Girls Soccer’s Victory Over Marriotts Ridge High School

Liya Kebede
Staff Writer

On October 4, Hammond’s Varsity Girls soccer team won 2-1 against Marriotts Ridge. They were predicted to have an amazing season and that prediction, so far, proved to be true. As of right now, the team stands at a record of 4-5 games.

Katie Lastova, a senior on the team, believed that the players won not through individual performances, but through their cohesion as a team. “I feel that we played really well, we all played together.” She then goes on to say the team should improve by “working on communication because we [the team] don’t talk on the field that much.”
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Hammond Football Takes On Atholton Tonight

By: Taylor Smith
Staff Writer

Tonight the Hammond Varsity football team hopes to make a statement to the county and to themselves that this is a team still bound for the playoffs. Despite losing their first four games, the players remain hopeful about the rest of the season, confident that it only takes one win to turn their season around. This week features a matchup between the Atholton Raiders, currently coached by Hammond’s previous football coach, Coach Justin Carey and new coach Shawn Frederick.

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Hammond Varsity Field Hockey – Strong Start Slows After 4th Consecutive Loss

By: Alexis Kujawa
Staff Writer

  Despite a strong start to the season, the Hammond Varsity Field Hockey team is struggling to its season back on track as the look to break a four-game losing streak going into their October 4th game River Hill. After starting the season off with back-to-back wins, the Lady Bears have slipped to 2-4. The team’s first win of the season came against Meade Senior High School on September 7th, with a score of 4-3. The game went into overtime after an intense 50 minutes with a tied score of 3-3.

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