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The Walkout Against Gun Violence: Why Hammond Students Participated

By Kylie Potter

All across the country, students have been planning several “walkouts” due to the recent mass school shooting in Florida on Wednesday, February 14th. On Tuesday, February 20th, the Florida state House declined to pass a ban on semiautomatic guns and large capacity magazines. Florida students planned a walkout on Wednesday, February 21st at noon to combat this decision and put pressure on Congress to pass more gun reform, but their determination has spread across the country and pushed other students to do the same. On February 21st at Hammond, many students participated in the walkout and contributed to the protests against gun violence sweeping the nation.

Students gathered in front of Hammond to make their voices heard and stand in solidarity with the victims in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Some students held up signs, and others gave speeches about the severity of the situation and what they believe needs to be done to fix it. There was also a moment of silence in memory of the 17 victims that were murdered in the shooting. Continue reading


A Little Night Music: A Night of “Great Performances and Good Food”

By: Molly Schreier
Staff Writer
On the evening of Saturday, February 3rd, Hammond’s Music Department hosted their second Annual “Little Night Music,” a cabaret-style event featuring student performers and student staff.  As audience members enjoyed performances from the Jazz Band, Chamber Choir, Chamber Music Club, Percussion Ensemble, and small student groups, their food was brought to them by music department students.  The evening was hosted by seniors Emma Schreier and Ina O’Ryan, who both performed with several groups as well. Continue reading

Golden Bears Making a Difference – Bread of Life

By: Kavitha Brunner

@lemonjaded on Twitter

Imagine your annual Thanksgiving traditions: Are you picturing sitting in a warm place you call home, being surrounded by people that love you, and enjoying the decadence of a home-cooked meal and sweet desserts? Now imagine spending Thanksgiving alone, without a place to call home and unable to spare the money to conjure up delicious indulgences.

A tradition that is commonly taken for granted, Thanksgiving dinner is an experience that not everybody is able to revel in. This holiday season, share the beautiful traditions of Thanksgiving with others and give back to your community by taking part in Hammond’s canned food drive, which ends on November 20th.

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Gone Lax’n: Congrats, Ms. Kuhl!


The logo for the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame Photo Credit: US Lacrosse

By: Kavitha Brunner

@lemonjaded on Twitter

If you’ve been a Golden Bear during the winter season, there’s no doubt you’ve witnessed the beauty that is the annual Winter Dance Recital. The mastermind behind Hammond Dance is Ms. Brooke Kuhl-McClelland (Ms. Kuhl). Proven to be an athlete through her dance expertise, Ms. Kuhl is not only a dancer, but also a newly nominated Lacrosse Hall of Famer. Her induction to the Greater Baltimore chapter of the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame will take place in January.

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It’s Academic!: Hammond’s Team Participates in the Yearly Televised Competition


Juniors Tristan Henkel and Kevin Baker as well as senior Michael Baker about to compete on WJZ’s It’s Academic TV show against Glenelg and Mt. St. Joseph High Schools. Credit: Hammond High School

By Kavitha Brunner
@lemonjaded on Twitter

On the morning of Saturday, September 19th, Hammond’s It’s Academic team fought relentlessly in an attempt to grasp scholarly victory against Mount Saint Joseph (MSJ) and Glenelg High School during the filming of their televised match. Recorded in Baltimore at the WJZ-13 studio, Hammond’s own Tristan Henkel, Kevin Baker, and Michael Baker made their fellow Golden Bears proud. Closing the contest with a score of 535, Hammond just barely missed first place, which was taken by Glenelg with a score of 545. MSJ took third place with 310 points. This studious spectacular will air at 10 AM on October 17 on WJZ-13.

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Interview with Coach Carey: What to Expect for Hammond Football This Season


The Hammond Bears have been training hard for this season. Credit: Baltimore Sun

By Tulsi Bhatt and Nicolette Brookman

@NicoletteLB22 on Twitter

The Bear Press: What is something you learned in your previous years as head coach that you think is going to be beneficial this year?

Coach Carey: Communication, especially communication with my staff members. I want to make sure we’re all on the same page and that we relay the same message to our players. Communication with our players [is also important]: what to do and what their assignment is. Try to build on the strengths of the team, to use that to our advantage, and to put our players in the best position to succeed. Over the last two years, I’ve learned what we’re good at and what we’re not so good at. I just want to try to make sure I get that together at the beginning of the season so we can just rock and roll as the year goes on.

What will you be looking for in your team to improve upon from last year?

I’d like to improve upon our pace and speed of the game, especially offensively.

What do you think are the biggest strengths this year?

The biggest strengths are our offense and defensive line. We’re big upfront. We have returners [returning to] four out of five offensive spots. I think just our overall strength is in our big boys, and we’re going to lean on them this year.

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#HaHSFirstDay – 2015-2016


Maryland Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford (center) is joined (l-r) by seniors Michael Baker and Zach Sager, County Executive Allan Kittleman and Board of Education Chair Janet Siddiqui (in back), and Principal Marcy Leonard.  Credit: Governor’s Office

By Kevin Baker

Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford, County Executive Allan Kittleman, HCPSS Superintendent Renee Foose, and Board of Education Chair Janet Siddiqui visited Hammond today to mark the first day of school and the beginning of the year for Hammond Golden Bears.  They toured around the school with the help of seniors Zach Sager, Cheyenne McGlothin, Michael Baker, Arjun Sharma, and Bahar Lakeh.

McGlothin had multiple reasons to be excited today.  As a senior, the first day of school marks the start of her final year in high school and the chance to make important decisions about her future.  “My last first day of school was bittersweet, but it was definitely a great start to the year.  I’m excited about all of my classes, especially Intern/Mentor, in which I get to mentor for the one and only Ms. Leonard.”  McGlothin will definitely be working hard with three APs on her schedule this year, in addition to her internship. Continue reading