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Hammond’s Prom Moved to Graduation Date

Amanda Russell

In-depth Co-Editor

HCPSS has just released the Class of 2019 graduation dates. Hammond High School seniors are graduating on May 28th at 3 pm. Unfortunately, the Hammond prom date had to be moved to May 28th as well due to an accidental double booking of River Hill’s prom. Senior sponsors looked into moving the prom from the grand ballroom to conference room C, but that was also booked because the communist underwater basket weaving convention is in town.

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District V Athletic Director of the Year: Coach Mike Lerner

Taylor Liguori

Sports Editor

Coach Mike Lerner has won the award for District V Athletic Director for the 2018-2019 school Year, and students definitely think it was well-deserved!  He cares more about his athletes and players than most people could ever hope for. His caring yet witty personality is just one of the things that makes him loved by so many.  W!

Coach Lerner has impacted the lives of so many and his athletes have nothing but respect for him and his genuine caring attitude towards them, whether it be on the court, on the field, or in the classroom. Senior Jordan Davis knows how deserving Coach Lerner is of this award saying, “He truly cares about his athletes. He is one of the kindest people I have ever met and has helped me throughout my athletic career.” Being a hardworking father and husband, Lerner still puts all he has into his job and it truly shows. Coach Lerner shows to his athletes that they are always the priority and he makes it known that he is always in their corner.

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Mr. Seibel Named Maryland Assistant Principal of the Year!

By: Laura Mosier

In-Depth Editor

John Seibel, Hammond’s 9th Grade Administrator, was awarded with the Maryland Assistant Principal of the Year for the 2017-2018 school year. The Maryland Association of Secondary School Principals Executive Director Scott Pfeifer held the formal celebration in honor of John Seibel. There was also a celebration at Hammond after school on October 3rd that was attended by former Hammond Principal Marcy Leonard.

Kill Me 2.0

Mr. Seibel has worked at Hammond for seven years, and he loves working with all the people that are a part of our Hammond community.“[The] School is awesome, [the] committee is awesome, [and there are] great kids. It’s a place where kids appreciate what you do for them and you want to do more for kids.” He genuinely enjoys his job and wants to help the students and staff. He works overtime to make sure everyone’s needs are met, and his hard work is appreciated and rewarded.

  Many students have directly benefited from the efforts of Mr. Seibel. Senior Sara Swanson, has known Mr. Seibel throughout all of her time at Hammond. She said, “He genuinely cares about each and every student in the school… He will always say hello in the hallway and ask how your day is going.” Sara is not the only student that thinks Mr. Seibel is an irreplaceable part of the school.

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Flour Babies Return to Hammond High Once Again

Alara Sheriff

Staff Writer

In the class Human Growth & Development, students were assigned a project in which they carry around a baby made out of flour or sugar to simulate life as a parent of a newborn. The students had the artistic liberty to design the baby to appear realistic, but not all are decorated. Guidelines for this project require students to have their “baby” with them at all times for the span of a school week from January 7th to 11th, which would mean that participants would still do their normal daily tasks while accompanied by a “child.”

To the average teenager, this task may seem daunting; however, the “parents” of the flour and sugar babies did an excellent job, keeping their cool and simulating caring for the child in a calm fashion.

“This project is a simulation of a real life parenting situation where [the students] should be having a 24 hour responsibility of having and caring for a child,” Ms. Lancaster commented.

Most kids seem to think that this is a challenging project because they are not used to taking one thing around at all times with them, unless it is their phone. “This project has made me realize that there is more to taking care of a baby then feeding and providing a shelter,” said Jasmine Britt, a 10th grader.

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Level Up: 2023 Hammond Renovations

By: Brian Paul

Co-Sports Editor

In 2023, Hammond High School is set to be renovated for the first time since 2011. In March 2018, former Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman proposed a construction budget of approximately 165 million dollars, which included a 4 million dollar education project set towards improvements here at Hammond High School. The building of Hammond High is about 41 years old, and the mentioned improvements include an overhaul of heating and cooling systems, and a rumored second floor. This rumored new floor would look to accommodate 200 more students, as Hammond is currently designed for 1,220 students.

Superintendent Michael J. Martirano met with the County Council and the Howard County Board of Education in order to advance the target completion date from 2028 to 2023. The original completion date was proposed for 2018, but due to other educational projects in Howard County, the date was pushed back as a result of rapid population growth over the past few years.

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Hammond Offers Online Courses

By: Bin Lin

Staff Writer

Not many Howard County students have realized that there have been a handful of classes taken online. At Hammond High School there are not only language classes online, but high level math classes are offered as well.

kill me

The way online classes operate is fairly simple. First both the teacher and the students create an account to access Zoom, a screen-sharing app. Then they are to bring their electronic devices (or one will be provided by the school) in order to join the Zoom app using the account  they have created. Once the students have joined the session they will be greeted by their teacher and may also see other students that are learning on the program at the same time. Some classes will also have an Instructional Assistant who helps the students in an online class if they have questions related to the class curriculum.

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HCPSS Bans International Travel

By: Bin Lin
Staff Writer

Students of HCPSS always have many opportunities to do many different things and one of them is being able to travel to international places such as France or the United Kingdom. However, last year HCPSS had declared Policy 8110 [Student International Education Travel] to be revoked, “The Board passed a motion and voted to rescind this policy.” Thus closing the opportunity for students to travel across the oceans.


Left to right: Amanda Russell, Ms. Barlow, and Tori Vander Putten in London.

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