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Howard County Anti-Discrimination Policies up for Revision

By Caderyn Delker
Staff Writer

Last March, community members and Howard County administrators came together and began working on a committee dedicated to the revision of “Policy 1010”, HoCo’s current anti-discrimination policy. Policy 1010 contains all of Howard County’s procedures pertaining to harassment and discrimination within our schools. Previously, Policy 1010 lacked specific language to protect students from discrimination on the basis of immigration status or gender identity.


Students agree that diversity is important at Hammond (Left to Right: Carson Long, Madhu Nallani, Joel Olujide, Isabelle Dyson)

At each meeting, committee members carefully combed through Policy 1010, making edits, broadening its applications, and taking pointers from other counties’ policies in order to revise and improve our own. Membership consists of carefully recommended student representatives, parents, and teachers from all over the county. Continue reading


The Impending Eruption at Yellowstone National Park

By Tigerlily Johnson
Staff Writer


Yellowstone National Park brings in nearly four million visitors each year, with the most popular month being July. Photo Credit: Google Images

The entirety of Yellowstone national park in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho is one huge super volcano, and is overdue for a volcanic eruption. While visiting the park, it may seem like a regular national park but underground is a volcano that has been dangerously close to eruption for years now. The last time Yellowstone had an eruption was 640,000 years ago, and scientists began observing it again many years ago. They are trying to prevent this major disruption, as it will destroy the surrounding cities and seriously harm the national park. Analyzing the temperature and changes in day-to-day life is helping them predict the volcanoes’ next moves.  Since the potential eruption has been a mystery for so long, some of these people have been studying this volcano their whole life. Continue reading

Hammond Celebrates Constitution Day

By Far Cuai
Staff Writer


Kaili Ferguson expresses her appreciation for Constitution Day by sporting her red white and blue.

Constitution Day was on September 18 and Hammond students showed their appreciation for the Constitution by wearing red, white and blue. However, not many teachers were seen wearing red, white and blue except for the history and government teachers. In honor of Constitution Day the students from the Bear Press went around the school and asked  teachers if they were able to recite the preamble of the Constitution.

The preamble states, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Only one of the four teachers interviewed were able to recite it word by word–props to Mr. Chiarella. But at least all four knew the first three words. Continue reading

Hammond High School Orchestrates a New Solution

By Molly Schreier
Staff Writer

Hammond High School now has two orchestras: Chamber Orchestra first period and Concert Orchestra sixth period, both taught by Mrs. Reinhardt.  According to Mrs. Reinhardt, Chamber Orchestra is “faster-paced, more challenging and requires a bigger time commitment,” while Concert Orchestra is “focused more on foundational skills and developing a good orchestral sound.  Period one meets in Room 101, and period six in 102. Continue reading

Golden Bears Making a Difference – Bread of Life

By: Kavitha Brunner

@lemonjaded on Twitter

Imagine your annual Thanksgiving traditions: Are you picturing sitting in a warm place you call home, being surrounded by people that love you, and enjoying the decadence of a home-cooked meal and sweet desserts? Now imagine spending Thanksgiving alone, without a place to call home and unable to spare the money to conjure up delicious indulgences.

A tradition that is commonly taken for granted, Thanksgiving dinner is an experience that not everybody is able to revel in. This holiday season, share the beautiful traditions of Thanksgiving with others and give back to your community by taking part in Hammond’s canned food drive, which ends on November 20th.

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Gone Lax’n: Congrats, Ms. Kuhl!


The logo for the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame Photo Credit: US Lacrosse

By: Kavitha Brunner

@lemonjaded on Twitter

If you’ve been a Golden Bear during the winter season, there’s no doubt you’ve witnessed the beauty that is the annual Winter Dance Recital. The mastermind behind Hammond Dance is Ms. Brooke Kuhl-McClelland (Ms. Kuhl). Proven to be an athlete through her dance expertise, Ms. Kuhl is not only a dancer, but also a newly nominated Lacrosse Hall of Famer. Her induction to the Greater Baltimore chapter of the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame will take place in January.

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It’s Academic!: Hammond’s Team Participates in the Yearly Televised Competition


Juniors Tristan Henkel and Kevin Baker as well as senior Michael Baker about to compete on WJZ’s It’s Academic TV show against Glenelg and Mt. St. Joseph High Schools. Credit: Hammond High School

By Kavitha Brunner
@lemonjaded on Twitter

On the morning of Saturday, September 19th, Hammond’s It’s Academic team fought relentlessly in an attempt to grasp scholarly victory against Mount Saint Joseph (MSJ) and Glenelg High School during the filming of their televised match. Recorded in Baltimore at the WJZ-13 studio, Hammond’s own Tristan Henkel, Kevin Baker, and Michael Baker made their fellow Golden Bears proud. Closing the contest with a score of 535, Hammond just barely missed first place, which was taken by Glenelg with a score of 545. MSJ took third place with 310 points. This studious spectacular will air at 10 AM on October 17 on WJZ-13.

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