By: Amina Jamil
Managing Editor

The annual Empty Bowls event took place last Friday, February 23rd. It is sponsored by the art club and National Art Honor Society (NAHS). The purpose of Empty Bowls is to raise money for local food shelters, and all proceeds go to Grassroots.  What exactly do you do at Empty Bowls? When you come in, you buy a ticket for $10, which covers the cost of an all-you-can-eat soup buffet, and you get to take home a clay bowl. While you enjoy your meal, there is live music, courtesy of Jazz Band, and even a few featured performances from certain individuals. It is a welcoming, family-friendly environment that allows people to enjoy a nice dinner while supporting a good cause.

Art club and NAHS make over 100 clay bowls each year for this event. The bowls are the main attraction, so they are all uniquely shaped with different colors, and there is even a table for people to go and glaze their own bowls. As Ms. Rosenbaum explained it, “I feel like Empty Bowls gets better every year, and this year was our best one yet. The glazing station seemed to be a hit.” The table was set up in the back, and it was lined with clay bowls. Even though it is primarily an activity for kids, everyone is welcome to pick a bowl and glaze it. While bowl glazing was exciting, the main event of the night was the food.

Some of the soup dishes were prepared by Hammond’s culinary department kids, and they were there to serve people the soup. Many people also contributed by bringing their own homemade soups and bread. There were a variety of soups to choose from, such as chicken noodle soup, and vegetarian options as well. Along with soups, there was a table full of desserts ranging from cookies to cinnamon rolls to brownies. Aside from food and music, there were two boards filled with artwork from art and photography. The works ranged from Art 1 and Photo 1 to Art 4 AP and Photo 3 AP. With the warm atmosphere, live music, and delicious food, Empty Bowls was very enjoyable. One Hammond student said, “It was my first Empty Bowls event, and it was so exciting to see all the art pieces on display.”

The event this year was a success. Ms. Jenkins said, “Empty Bowls was an extremely successful event. [We] raised over $900 for Grassroots, and we wouldn’t have been be to do it without the support of the entire Hammond community.” Considering the rainy weather, there were many people that came. This event also demonstrated the efforts of the Hammond community and how everyone worked together to make it possible. As Mr. Blanch put it, “It was an amazing example of how the Hammond community could come together to support a local charity like Grassroots.” Overall, if you are looking for a nice night with delicious dinner and live entertainment, be sure to go to Empty Bowls next year!