By: Kenneth Apana-Korley
Online Editor

Oh. Mah. Gawd. I literally can’t even with this show! It’s so great!!! The show starts with the death of Val-El, the great-great grandfather of Superman; but this story isn’t about Clark Kent, it’s about Seg-El, the grandfather of Superman. The House of El has lost all rank and they have been disgraced due to Val’s refusal to submit to the voice of Rao. After years of living among the Rankless, Seg gets an opportunity to walk among the Ranked, the catch is that he would leave the rest of his family to walk among the Rankless and he would be given the surname Vex, the same surname of the man who sentenced his grandfather to death. Seg has no love in his heart for the man that ruined his life, so he wanted to refuse the opportunity just out of spite. This isn’t where the craziness stops, however, Adam Strange comes out of nowhere to tell Seg that the fate of another planet years in the future rested on his shoulders.

The addition of Adam Strange (referred to as “Adam most commonly in the show) really complicates things because his meddling in the past on a different planet causes the death of Seg’s parents so that they can protect him and his late grandfather’s research. Adam came from Detroit just to tell Seg that he is responsible for the lives of billions of people that he’s never even met and will probably never meet in his lifespan. Adam’s job is not necessarily to save Krypton from utter annihilation (because then that just wouldn’t match anything with the comics!), but he wants to postpone the arrival of Brainiac so that Kal-El (Superman for all of you casual scum) can eventually be born and be proclaimed the Savior of Earth.
KryptonI would most definitely recommend the show to anybody that is a fan of superheros. It’s different from the CW superhero shows because it focuses more on events that happen in the past and on a different planet, instead of events that happen in the now and in the present. As a show on SyFy, you wouldn’t assume that it would do well in comparison the other DC shows that are out there, but it is very well put together! The creators have really done their research and they really focus on trying to bring the planet Krypton to life. The technical elements are pretty good, and they aren’t even that distracting either! I’ve watched things like Sharknado on SyFy, and they’re horrible. I know that they’re supposed to be bad, but that doesn’t change the fact that they gave me a bad impression of SyFy shows. Just watching the trailer for the show without even knowing who made it automatically made me assume that it was going to be a CW show and join shows like The Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning and be something that the superhero buffs could get behind. The show is just too good for it to not get any recognition for all of its content, and that is why I’m totally recommending this show to anybody who loves superheros and science fiction.