ByAmanda Weirich
Staff Writer

Hammond Writer’s League is a private and safe space to write for students interested in free and creative writing. The club is run by President Ian Pinkerton and Vice President Claire O’Rourke after school from 2:10 to 3:15 in Ms. Isch’s room.

O’Rourke’s dream is to become a novelist and write young adult novels. She believes that Hammond Writers League is the best way to write what you enjoy and pursue any writing dreams you may have. According to O’Rourke, Writer’s League’s normal routine is to come in and have a snack and follow the prompt on the board. They usually have thirty minutes of writing time, and at the end they all share.

IMG_4738 (1)

O’Rourke states, “The prompts are usually really open ended. For example, I came up with a prompt that was like ‘you’re summoning a demon at a sleepover party, but we decided to change the word ‘demon’ to ‘anyone’, and many people took different directions on that.” Writer’s League holds passionate and inspired writers, O’Rourke adds “We advertise it as a space to write, not what to write about.”

President Ian Pinkerton attends writers league because he is interested in pursuing writing as a literary critic or professor and studying literary analysis at the University of Iowa. He is most interested in writing poetry and working with comparative literature. Pinkerton is interested in advertising and publishing the work of Writer’s League to attract more writers, “I was trying to enter our work into the vision so people could see it there.”

If anyone has dreams or wishes of becoming a writer in the future or is just interested in having a safe space to relax and free write, Writer’s League offers exactly what you are looking for.