By: Troy Kelly
Staff Writer

There has been a lot of talk about the health of Fortnite, a game created by Epic Games for mobile, PC, and game console play. A lot of gamers say Fortnite will later fade out because of peoples’ loss of interest.  There have been many indications of Fortnite dying. A lot of gamers are getting tired of the same thing in Battle Royale. Gamers are getting tired of the repeated glitches in the game, which in turn makes a lot of people get frustrated and quit.8704d4d5ffd1c315ac8e2c805a585764

Thomas O’Hagen gives his frustration with fortnite, due to the combat system and  cooperative gameplay.“Headshots with pump do nine damage my teammates sell me out, too many tryhards,” says Thomas O’Hagen a freshman.

Some people have won so many times that they eventually get bored of winning the game constantly and become bored. The bloom, building, and Epic Games listening to the gamers too much seems to be the three greatest problems that Fortnite has, as reported by a famous Youtuber that goes under the moniker of “Ged.”

Bloom is a mechanism that randomizes the location that your bullets hit. Most gamers don’t like this feature because it makes a lot of the game seem like it relies more on luck rather than skill. “ The pump hits for one damage… People faze through bullets,” states Freshman Jaylen Griffin, who claims has raged over the game on multiple occasions because of these reasons. In a game where pure luck can beat skill, there’s bound to be rage-quitting in the game.

Another factor in the “death” of Fortnite is due to the changes in building. Freshman Alex Gayele stated “ I don’t want them to build, I want it to be like PUBG or Call Of Duty.” The skill level of your building ability can really show how good a player is, but Epic has lessened the amount of materials you can use to build. That decision has made a lot of gamers angry because it makes it harder for them to demonstrate their skills when it takes forever to get their materials.

However, Epic, the creator of the game, listens to all of the feedback and constantly makes changes. But still, streamers say that most of the time not everyone likes the new changes. Ged claims that Epic is trying to make the game more inclusive for newer players, which in turn makes it less enjoyable for those at a higher skill level.

It is not fair for the players who actually have skill in the game to be treated like novices. In my opinion, Fortnite will eventually die out because Epic is making changes that are ruining their reputation and making them lose players.