By: Laura Mosier, Victoria Vander Putten, Amanda Russell
Staff Writers

The Lady Bears Golf Team had their winningest season yet with an impressive record of 5-6, and were the Iron Skillet tournament champions for the second year in a row. The Boy’s Golf team had a record of 0-11, but their record did not reflect the strength and spirit of their team. Both teams have improved on their skills and increased their passion for golf.

Coach Osborne is ecstatic with how both teams played this year. “I couldn’t be more proud of both teams from improving from last year. Overall Hammond has now brought home the Iron Skillet four consecutive years; two for the boys and then the subsequent two for the girls. So I’m excited to keep that streak going and hopefully bring them both home next year,” says Osborne. Osborne, who has coached this golf team for 7 years now, is so proud of how these teams have been able to achieve something for the first time in Hammond history. It was a great accomplishment for the girl’s golf team.

Girls Varsity Golf Team

The close-knit feeling of the team has contributed to these great accomplishments. Considering the fact that there are only 14 players on the team, it has been easy for them to bond throughout the season. A close team is effectively able to communicate with each other. Senior Captain, Shreya Tuckley said that “it was a really good experience, golf is really a family sport so we were really [happy] together and we celebrated.” As one of the leaders on the team, Tuckley helps to bring the team together. One of the four female players, Ashleigh Louie, noted that she “loves the sense of friendship” the team has provided. Even though the season has finished, many of the players are still friends and like to hang out with each other.

The calm and supportive environment also provides the athletes with a chance to expand their skills without feeling pressured to do so. Junior Tim Stryker said “I like how relaxing it is.” Osborne is more concerned with the golfers being able to learn and improve than winning.  Senior captain, Shreya Tuckley said that golf is “not super fast paced and we can take our time learning skills.” A key part of team sports is making each and every player feel welcome and safe, Osborne and the rest of the golf team help to do that each year as freshman tryout at the beginning of August.