Brian Paul and Chris Parris

Co-Sports Editor and Staff Writer

Hammond High’s Indoor Track team had a spectacular season that will surely be remembered for a long time. With the team placing high across multiple events and competitions, the sky’s the limit for the achievements that the Indoor Track team will earn in the years to come.

Senior Caleb Evans took great pride in the overall success of the team this past season. “During the season we did a lot of good things. We were ranked in the region. In almost all of the events that we went to [we] ranked in the Top 10 or Top 20. A lot of us made it to States. Overall, we were really successful.” Caleb, along with his brother Collin, have both been running for Hammond’s Indoor Track team since freshman year, making a big impact on the team and having a good time along the way.

One aspect of the team that was not overlooked was the collective bond that was formed over the course of the season, which resulted in overwhelming success for the unit as a whole. Caleb was also very appreciative of the chemistry built by the team. “I love the environment. I mean, everybody gets along. They’re kind of like a second family to me. We try to do team activities, like having a game night or texting each other in our group chat. We’re always bonding.”

Senior Collin Evans also expressed how the team’s chemistry would push them to new heights during competition. “Honestly, when we were competing in the middle of meets, we would try to hype each other up. We bring each other up instead of tearing each other down. We may be on the rails of the track and we’ll just yell each other’s names, bring each other up, and we believe in one another.”

Tommy Dowdall, a senior who has been running for a while, loves everything about track and teh environment.

“This indoor season was about rebuilding. For the first time we’ve had a respectable distance team.There’s a lot of young talent here for the future. We’ve improved a lot under the leadership of Coach Mack. It’s been a grind running 50 plus miles a week in the cold. I’m ready to finally break through and be competitive during outdoor season.” Dowdall, who ran Cross Country in the fall and Indoor Track in the winter will also run Outdoor Track during the Spring season.  

Coach Wright is the Head Coach for Indoor Track, and the players cherish his presence within the team. Ekene Ezeh, a junior, stated how Coach Wright empowers his team to perform to the best of their abilities. “Coach Wright is a smart coach who pushes [us] to be our best everyday. He’s a guy that you want to fight for, and he will make you a better runner in the process.”

Coach Wright was really proud of the rapid progress the team made over the season. He believes that in the future, this will serve as a building block for bigger and better achievements.

When asked about his plans for the future, Coach Wright elaborated saying, “To just continue the success that we have started to build here, we have a nice foundation that we’re starting so, just to continue that. Having more kids qualify for states, potentially win a county meet, a regional meet and also have kids working hard every day.”

Coach Wright also identified the team’s brightest stars, who will continue to shine on Hammond’s track team for the next few seasons. “Damon Brockenberry who got 3rd in the 300 meter dash who was also on our 4×2 team that got 4th. Loick Amouzou, who got 2nd in the 55 hurdles, who was also on that 4×2 team. Collin Evans, who placed in the 55 dash, didn’t advance when he got to states, but he did make it to states. There was a young man Kenneth Lee who did pretty well at regionals, he didn’t advance to states, but [there is] a lot of upside with that young man. The 4×2 team, which was Ronald Sample, Damon Brockenberry, Jaylen Knight, Loick Amazoudon, they placed 4th, those were a lot of bright stars on the team and I wasn’t really expecting that.”

Hammond’s Indoor Track has completed a fantastic season. The success of the team this season should serve as a foundation for new heights, leading to even more memorable seasons down the road.