Amanda Russel

In-Depth Co-Editor

With college application deadlines coming and going for the next few months, seniors are currently in the midst of the lengthy, stressful, and tedious process of applying to college.

      At the beginning of the school year, seniors were instantly thrust into the chaotic college application process. Senior Luz Serna said “I wish it wasn’t so quick. We just got back from summer and it feels like there is no thinking time.”

With the earliest college application deadlines being due on October 15th, and the FAFSA Application opening up on October 1st, it is no wonder that seniors felt overloaded at the start of the school year. ”

         In addition to applications, seniors also have to think about applying for scholarships, which have deadlines that range from fall to the late spring. Some seniors do not even realize the vast amount of scholarships that are available, and have no idea where to find them or when most of them are due. There are numerous resources available, but it can be hard for seniors to know where to start. Senior Ashley Duncan commented “I do not know what to do in order to apply to scholarships, and I feel lost.”

One resource available to seniors, is a bulletin board full of scholarships which is located in the hallway across from Student Sevices. The majority of applications are completed through programs such as Coalition or the Common App, which are also quite hard to navigate. “I wish it was all one uniform application; it would save time, and I wish that Naviance was not such a big part of the application process because it makes everything so difficult” said Senior Paige Goldscher.

     Every college has different requirements, so seniors have an overwhelming amount of work they have to complete in order to apply to multiple colleges, in addition to their schoolwork. Most schools require at least one essay, possibly more if you are applying to certain programs or an honors college. On this subject, Senior Akash Chauhan commented “I wish there weren’t so many essays.” The vast amount of work that is needed in order to apply to college can sometimes overwhelm the amount of schoolwork that a student has. Many seniors are struggling to find a balance between their school classes, their college applications, and scholarship applications.