Bin Lin and Steven Pangburn

Staff Writers

With winter season sports soon coming to a close, the Wrestling Team at Hammond High School has once again outdone themselves. All of the new and veteran players have made improvements and sufficient progress in this most recent season.  

Senior Jordan Davis, one of three captains on the Wrestling Team, shared that to him wrestling is a lifestyle. Something that furthers his own personal skills. “It’s mostly about becoming a better person and developing good life skills and good habits.”

Davis believes that gaining experience is very valuable and he admires the process. “You could lose to a guy, in the beginning of the year, but when you meet him again in regionals you could destroy the kid because you remember how he wrestled you, how he wrestles, and how you could counter his mistakes.”

Davis also commented that Coach Yeo has been the MVP of the team because Coach Yeo has been encouraging wrestlers to work hard and teaching them how to overcome their obstacles. “Coach Yeo is the one person in the school, that I know, that really cares for his athletes. He has taken them out of bad situations and turned them around into some of the most respectful and hard working people that I met in my entire life. He has taken some people who had little to no experience in sports into the most dedicated people and I am confident to say that. ”

The remaining two captains have managed to capture County Title and Regionals Title and will be moving on to state competition. The first of the two being Senior Shehzan Dahya, who captured the regional title for the 106 pound weight title.

To Dahya, getting this opportunity to compete the state competition means a lot to him. He has been participating in wrestling matches during the off-seasons. “By wrestling more during the off-season, all the wrestling stuff during the summer, outside of Maryland. Going to Pennsylvania tournaments, Virginia tournaments. I think that’s what made me a better wrestler.” He would also like to thank Coach Yeo for being his biggest help and as for his teammates it would be Loic Tuego, Arrows Degado, and Jabari Pinkney.

After graduating Dahya believes that both Pinkney and Degado would be able to take over as team captains. Recently Dahya has achieved sixth place for the County Title and believes that he is satisfied with his results but, “if I pushed myself a bit harder then I could have got higher.”

The other state wrestler was Loic Tuego, who captured a County Title and a Regional Title in the 220 pound weight class. Tuego views wrestling as challenging yet fun sport. “It’s very hard but to me it’s very fun. I like to exert all my energy and just have fun.”

He also commented that his team has been putting in a lot of effort during practices and the team’s mindset is the same.

He mentioned Arrows Degado to be a most likely candidate for the County Title in the upcoming years and after seeing how well other wrestlers have been doing it encouraged him to do better than he already has.

Although he believes that he has put in the same work as last year he is excited that this year he is able to participate and compete for the County Title. After obtaining third place in the competition he expressed that regional competition is nothing like the state competition. When compared to regional competition Loic exclaimed “States competition is different from regionals because it is more competitive, intimidating, and a lot diverse players with different skills in wrestling.”

Hammond Wrestling is a talented team deserving of all things they get.