By: Kayla Hendershot and Chinyere Godfrey-Nwachukwu

Editor-in-Chief and Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

Hammond’s Varsity Baseball team has just finished their 2019 season with a 2-14 record, ending their season with perseverance and hard work. Their indestructible morale carried them through the season and united them as a team.

Senior Nick Wiedorfer says, “Last season the team struggled to bring each other together with our record and lacking chemistry between the players. This year it was our goal to build up better chemistry as a team.” Their teamwork has improved over time, and Hammond’s baseball  is ready to move forward as a well

Photo Credit: Hammond HS Athletics / Twitter

The team’s determination and improving skills are also evinced in their stats. Colin Kosakowski, a Junior at Hammond, provided the team with their first home run of the season and advanced Hammond with 11 hits. Nick Wiedorfer led the team in the most amount of runs, 5 total, and Tim Stryker, Asa Roberson, and Brandon Eschman were close behind with 4 runs.   

Coach Medairy, Hammond’s varsity baseball coach, is impressed with his players, and their never ending perseverance and commitment to not just baseball, but to the team. He says “The team worked six days a week from March 1st to the end of the season. No practice was less than two and a half hours. It was a lot of hard work and committing and no one complained about it.”

Medairy is extremely proud of his team and the effort they have put forth this season, but there is still more that he wishes to improve on. “We have room for improvement everywhere,” says Medairy, “Hitters can find more ways to get on base, we can be more aggressive on the base pads, stuff like that.”

Coach Medairy is awaiting next year, looking forward to the upcoming 2020 season. Medairy says, “We still have a lot of starters coming in next year which is nice, and everybody is a hard worker so we know we are going to get a lot of work done.”

The players are also excited for the new upcoming season. Junior Brandan Echsman says “I am looking forward to the new guys being pulled up since we had a large senior class this year. With these newer guys we can work hard and have an even better season.” Junior Tim Stryker also says, “Overall, I think we  had a good season, especially pitching wise, and I’m excited for next years season.”

Hammond’s varsity baseball team had a great year of improving their skills and practicing team chemistry and fluidity. With the new players coming in next year, the team is sure to strike up a good game, so hit the bleachers and watch out for the upcoming 2020 season!