By: Brian Paul

Sports Editor

Dear Hammond High, we have a new state champion. Junior tennis player Origen Grear defeated the best of the best high school tennis players. After becoming the champion of the South region, facing competition from other Howard County schools such as Marriotts Ridge, River Hill, and Oakland Mills, Origen went on to the state tournament, facing other regional tennis champions across the state of Maryland. He defeated three champions in the tournament, making his goal of becoming the state champion a reality. The Bear Press recently caught up with Origen in order to discuss his emotions about his amazing accomplishment.


Photo Credit: Tim Schwartz/Baltimore Sun

Origen stated that the biggest contributor to his success was his brother, Trinity, who is also an outstanding tennis player. Origen commented that his brother is able to push him in training, which in turn makes him a better player, saying, “He’s always training with me, pushing me, so that I can be the best player possible…”

Another factor that Origen recognized as a contributor to his success was the support his teammates gave him throughout all his competitions. “I was hitting with them a lot, during regionals, before regionals, and after regionals to help me prepare. They were my hitting partners for the warm-ups so that prepared me a lot, and they were supporting me and giving hope me that I could actually win.”

Origen admitted that becoming champion was not easy and that he faced roadblocks along the way. However, he put in the work necessary to overcome those obstacles and become a champion. “I put in a lot of work. I was playing 5 to 6 times a week in preparation for the tournament. There were a few minor injuries and I just took a little time off and stretched and prepared my body for the next match, and it worked.”

All in all, Origen is proud to represent Hammond as a state champion. “Representing Hammond feels good because we’re putting our name on the map out there, showing that we’re a competitive team who plays hard.”

If you see Origen around the school, give him a shout and congratulate him on his amazing achievement!