By: Isabel Berry

Staff Writer

At Hammond, there are many students that work hard to clean up our school and our environment. Hammond’s Green Team is composed of students from all grades, and they strive to educate people in the community on how to be environmentally friendly. 

Green Team is led by Ms. Niland and Ms. Cotton, as well as senior Katie Marshall. Green Team is one of Hammond’s lesser known clubs, so when asked to describe it, senior Olivia Reed stated, “It’s a fun way to make friends and help the environment.” Green Team, like many Hammond clubs, seems like a great place to meet new people and do something productive in the process.

IMG_6857 (1)

Photo Credits: Ms. Du Puis

Over the last few weeks, students have been getting accustomed to the new school year and many projects have started piling up. One of those projects was the Green Team school clean up, which took place on Thursday, September 27. When asked about the clean up, President Katie Marshall shared her opinion. “I think it was fantastic, I was amazed by the turnout. We had at least 20 people probably come out, mostly freshmen, so it was really exciting to see this new group of people come together.” 

At the event, students split into groups and spread out across the school grounds to clean up trash. Over the summer, many things accumulated underneath of the portable classrooms and near Hammond’s edges. So these students took initiative and volunteered to help beautify Hammond for everyone to enjoy. 

The clean up was a success overall, and the Green Team has quite a few more events planned for this year. They will be running their annual green festival in May and a Spring clean up. The Green Team may also try to create a school garden and do a plant initiative where they grow plants and give them away for free. 

Senior Rose Kinder was asked about the plans for the year and responded with, “We’re still in the process of getting resources and finding more activities and projects to work on. We also have a chocolate sale going on later in the year.” In order for the Green Team to have more events, they need students and staff to buy their chocolate!

The Green Team sets out to educate and inform those who are unaware of the environmental challenges the world has faced in recent years. So when asked what Hammond staff and students could do to make the community and the world as a whole more eco friendly, Rose Kinder responded again with, “Try to reduce the amount of plastic you use, please try to recycle, and don’t just throw your trash out in the forest or on the sidewalk.” 

This year, the Green Team hopes to make Hammond and the surrounding community more environmentally friendly, and they hope to do their part in helping reduce the world’s waste.