By: Anna Tache

Editorials Editor

If you’ve been as bored as I have during this quarantine and you have a Netflix account, you have most likely stumbled across the new teen comedy-drama created by Mindy Kaling entitled “Never Have I Ever.” The show follows 15-year-old Devi Vishwakumar, a first-generation Indian American, while she deals with school, her love life, and friendships, all while trying to navigate the traumatic death of her father.


The show, narrated by tennis star John McEnroe, opens with some background into the major events in Devi’s life during the past year, including the death of her father and her sudden paralysis, which ends up being miraculously cured when she stands up out of her wheelchair to get a better look at her crush. The show also goes into some background regarding her family, which includes her mother Nalini and her cousin Kamala, her two best friends, Eleanor and Fabiola, her nemesis, Ben, and her long-time crush, Paxton Hall-Yoshida. 

At first glance, “Never Have I Ever” may seem like the same cliche and repetitive teen comedy that we’ve seen countless times before. But as the show progresses, it starts to reveal itself as something quite different. The show tackles issues such as mourning the loss of a loved one, dealing with trauma, parent-child relationships, coming to terms with one’s sexuality, and cultural stigmas. It’s able to handle such serious issues in a way that still retains the comedic elements of the show, while simultaneously balancing them with the more serious themes. This balance keeps the audience connected to the characters and their stories, making you sympathize with each character and their struggles.

All in all, “Never Have I Ever” is a feel-good show that also dives into many important topics that many people face today. The show has a wonderfully diverse cast, with the main character giving some much-deserved and necessary representation to South Asian women. The characters are well-written, likable, and easy to connect with, and the story is intriguing. So, if you need a new show to binge-watch during quarantine, you should definitely check out “Never Have I Ever.”