By Sarah Linthicum

Staff Writer

Hammond High seniors gather at a local tree farm to celebrate the start of their senior year

Senior year is a special and memorable time in everyone’s life, and a big part of that involves all the events and activities planned throughout the year. Senior year prom, graduation, senior week, last homecoming, and probably one of the most memorable to our seniors is Hammond’s widely known spirit week. Unfortunately most of these events cannot take place this year due to the limitations put on events because of Covid-19, but that has not stopped our senior class from making the most of the situation. Although many of these activities cannot be held due to the circumstances, there have already been multiple events held in honor of the seniors, and many more to come. 

All events that have been held, and events being held in the future, have been outdoors and followed the precautions necessary to ensure the health and safety of all those attending. 2021 Senior Class President Camryn Johnson shares, “Some events we’re looking forward to are having picnics, movie nights, celebrations where we get to share our future goals, and other community fundraisers as well!.” 

Recently this past month there was an event held for seniors at Triadelphia Lake View Farm. It featured hay rides, a corn maze, s’mores, pizza and more. Senior Shivani Modi speaks on her experience at this event and shares, “One of the greatest parts of the event was the planning that went into it. It was amazing to have the farm offer their location and work with our parents to support the seniors. When the community comes together, we can accomplish so much! As a senior, I loved the variety of activities and just the fact that I was able to see my friends. In the future we should try to keep planning events that appeal to the majority of the class so everyone is encouraged to come!” 

Seeing as the tree farm was such a success, many more events are planning to take place throughout the course of the school year. Shivani further shares, “I’m interested in helping to plan events that are accessible to the whole class so we can all have the best year possible. I think it would be so wonderful if we could have a 2021 movie night, which is already in the works thanks to our parents! Inclusivity and access are the two main goals!” 

It is encouraging to see our seniors enjoying their year to the fullest, and working with parents to plan numerous activities open to all. It is important to make this school year memorable, and a time we can all look back on to appreciate what we were able to accomplish despite the given circumstances of the world we are in today.