By Ali Ahmed

Staff Writer

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As the holiday season draws near, nothing would make one happier than news of early snow for a White Christmas. Anything more than the last few years of dreadful slush and one-inch snowfalls that Howard County is so accustomed to.

Becca Kane, a Hammond High Junior, emphasized this. “The lack of snow is unfortunate. It gets so cold around here in the winter, and snow is what makes that cold worth it for me. So it’s frustrating”.

Predictions by The Weather Channel say we should have a “cold and white” winter for this 2020-2021 season, which is more optimistic than any prediction received in the last few years for Maryland. 

A “White Christmas” is an iconic situation, rarely occurring here in Howard County. Our chances for a White Christmas are slim, but not impossible. The Weather Channel, along with other credible sources, predict the later weeks of December being below freezing with chances of precipitation.

Along with snow comes the plight of the snow days and online school. Will snow days remain to be a staple of students’ winters and a constant source of happiness? Or just become another day to spend searching for a Google Meet code? The answer is most likely the latter.

With HCPSS working to provide all students with a school-issued Chromebook, snow days are nearing extinction for this 2020-2021 winter season. But don’t get the chills just yet, your teacher might not be a grinch. They might still reduce students’ workloads during the holiday season (if they don’t want to get on the naughty list).

After interviewing a handful of students at Hammond about their preferences on snow, 92% said they prefer early snowfall over snows later in the winter. 85% of people said that their ideal height for a snowfall is upwards of five inches, and 100% of the people interviewed said they are upset with lack of snow during winter seasons. All of these viewpoints were summed up wonderfully by Hammond Junior, Zoie Kapusta, stating, “snow good, no snow bad”.

All in all, what can be expected of this winter season? Well, good things come to those who wait. But the odds of Howard County receiving an early blizzard, or something along those lines, is unlikely at the current rate. The earliest snowfall could be anywhere from mid-December to somewhere in early January. But when snow finally comes, you can expect at least 5-10 inches on your doorstep!

Remember this year–when frolicking through fields of freshly fallen snow and sledding down snowy hills–to remain safe amidst the pandemic that is continuing to sweep our nation. You don’t need to be snow bored during the winter season. Just be sure to limit exposure to small groups, and remain at least six feet apart and there should be snow problem. Everyone remember to wear layers and stay safe because winter weather is snow joke!