By Kosta Magoulas

Editorials Editor

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There is something simply beautiful about animated movies and films. The ability to create endless possibilities and an infinite number of storylines to go with these films astonishes many. Everything from the riveting storyline, to animation, to the relatable characters really can captivate an audience’s feelings and emotions. 

“Even though I am not able to see her, even though I am not able to see him, I can still feel his/her presence here in my heart.”  The movie Your Name directed by Makoto Shinkai, is about a boy named Taki and a girl named Mitsuha who find themselves connected in a mysterious way. When both of them go to sleep one strange night, they wake up switching bodies for some unknown reason. While the two are somehow connected from far separate parts of the world, they both try and do everything in their power to find each other.

Your Name has won many awards including: 2017 Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year, 2017 Japan Academy Prize for Director of the Year, 2017 Empire Award for Best Animated Film, and many more. You can watch this movie on Vudu, Amazon Prime, Youtube, and Google Play. 

First off, the animation of this movie is beyond anyone’s imagination and is superior to even the best of animated films. The saturation, contrast, and sharpness all are brought together to create a near-perfect film. The frame by frame motion of objects and characters in the film are great as well. It is easily seen that the animators made it their duty to create something that allowed for the film to look extremely natural and fluid. 

The Your Name soundtrack was also excellent. Although it was all sung in Japanese, you were able to still feel the connection the singers were making just by the tone and dynamic in their voices. Soundtracks were perfectly timed and did not feel out of place with how the movie was progressing. 

Haru Yamada, the sound director for the movie did a great job with not only the mixing of songs to specific scenes, but also with the mixing of character dialogue and external noises such as rain or traffic. One of the sounds that stood out the most was the sizzling noises from the cooking going on in the breakfast scene, where it really feels like you are there, ready to have breakfast with the characters. The voice actors themselves were also pretty good and worked to play their characters uniquely.  

The characters were quite bland, however, and did not really stand out. There was not really anything that made the cast of characters unique, or distinctly interesting, and that created some boring dialogue. The main character’s friends were also the same, and did not contribute at all to the story line. Some positives, however, would be that the main character’s goals and determination were quite inspiring and really made some parts very intense and interesting.

The plot was one of the most confusing things that I have ever seen. Sure, the story’s main premise might be quite simple to explain, but when you actually watch the movie, you start to question things and become cognizant of plot holes. There were so many things that made no sense and it felt like the first half of the movie had almost nothing to do with the second half of it. 

The first part focused on the switching of bodies, while the second part talked about time travel. This made things very tough for me because it almost felt like a rip off all time traveling films. The cliche has been used too many times over the years, and it felt like nothing really original or unique came from this part of the plot. 

Overall, I would give this movie a 6.5/10 because it had great music, sounds, decent characters, but a very convoluted plot. The movie currently has an 8.99/10 rating on myanimelist, the biggest platform for fans to rate anime, so I do recommend the movie because I believe that my opinion of the movie fits in with the minority of the watch base.