A Valley on Fire: A Poem

By Mrs. Joan Niland

A Valley on Fire

Every leaf shined,

those that remained,

in the fire and wine. 

Strong and undaunted,

while merciless winds

through valleys haunted.

This time of year

bears such a new world

to smell, see, and hear.

Many, sudden changes,

yet exhilarating crispness

across the mountain ranges.

A sky of blue

offers background

to bare-branched hues. 

Beauty beyond a brush

with so many is lost

for they can’t feel the hush.

–      Joan Niland

Are you an artist, photographer, writer, or someone passionate about creative work along those lines? If so, Green Team would love to feature your work in our articles, such as the poem above written by Mrs. Niland! As long as it relates to the environment, we’ll accept any form of art, including poetry, photography, and paintings! If you’re interested, add your work to this folder on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15-98brizbnVBte2lWjVmTmCCYiy4VYg1

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