By Uma Ribeiro


Image Source: @hahs2022 on Instagram 

Attention Hammond High School class of 2022! There are ten days left for the Golden Bears to beat out Oakland Mills High School class of 2022 in raising money for Grassroots through the “Buy-A-Day” Fundraiser. 

The fundraiser helps to support the Grassroots hotline, which provides mental health support and counseling for suicide prevention to anyone in need of assistance. The last day of the fundraiser is Thursday, February 18th and the winner will be announced on February 19th. 

Whichever school raises the most money will be declared the winner. In addition to supporting our local Grassroots Crisis Center during these difficult times, the students of the winning school will have the opportunity to vote on an option for a TikTok dance for the principal to perform. 

Keep reading to find out how to participate!

This fundraiser is not limited to students; anyone can donate on behalf of the Hammond class of 2022. Every dollar counts to ensure that the Howard County Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center, the only homeless shelter and crisis aid center in the county, can continue to help so many of our community members. 


To participate in this fundraiser and make a donation, click this link or go to and scroll down to “Online Payments,” click the event “Class of 2022 Grassroots Fundraiser,” and insert the amount you would like to donate. This information can also be found on Instagram at @hahs2022

If you or someone you know is in need of help, call the Grassroots hotline at 410-531-6677 or go to for resources.