Taylor Liguori

Sports Editor

Coach Mike Lerner has won the award for District V Athletic Director for the 2018-2019 school Year, and students definitely think it was well-deserved!  He cares more about his athletes and players than most people could ever hope for. His caring yet witty personality is just one of the things that makes him loved by so many.  W!

Coach Lerner has impacted the lives of so many and his athletes have nothing but respect for him and his genuine caring attitude towards them, whether it be on the court, on the field, or in the classroom. Senior Jordan Davis knows how deserving Coach Lerner is of this award saying, “He truly cares about his athletes. He is one of the kindest people I have ever met and has helped me throughout my athletic career.” Being a hardworking father and husband, Lerner still puts all he has into his job and it truly shows. Coach Lerner shows to his athletes that they are always the priority and he makes it known that he is always in their corner.

With his efforts within the school many students have been impacted. “It makes you feel good [knowing you’ve impacted lives]. It’s why I got into this job. I knew since I was in 7th grade that I wanted to be a teacher or a coach and being an athletic director, I get to work with coaches. So although I don’t get as much impact with students as I would like, I enjoy what I do,” says Lerner.

The athletes are not the only ones who are aware of how deserving Coach Lerner is of this award. Mr. Sillers, history teacher and Oakland Mills varsity baseball coach, has been friends with Coach Lerner for a long time and knows him to be a great leader. “Mr. Lerner is a dedicated professional not only to his school, but to the community and wants only what’s best for students which makes him very deserving of the District V Athletic Director of the year award.”

Bethany Hewitt, a freshman athlete at Salisbury University, and Alex Bolton, a freshman at CCBC Catonsville, got the opportunity to work with Coach Lerner last year in their senior years of high school. “Lerner was and continues to be one of my biggest motivators in life. He always encouraged me to go one step further and push myself to do the best I can and be the best athlete and person I could be. Lerner will always hold a special place in my heart” says Hewitt.

Bolton also stepped in with how Lerner has impacted him. “[ Mr. Lerner] taught me about being a leader and sometimes having to make tough decisions when you are a leader but then also being able to lend an ear to somebody and hear them out and having a conversation.”

Coach Mike Lerner has touched the lives of so many teachers, students, and athletes and will continue to have an impact on the people here at Hammond until his last day. “Because I went to school here at Hammond, it means more to me to be able to do it here then it would be any other place” says Lerner.

Coach Mike Lerner: a leader, a friend, a motivator, a life changer. Congratulations to Coach Lerner on the well deserved District V Athletic Director of the Year Award!