By: Kayla Hendershot and Chinyere Godfrey

Editor-in-Chief and Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

On September 6th 2019, Hammond’s Varsity Football Team leaves the Oakland Mills field with a spectacular win, ending the game with a score of 34, and Oakland Mills with a score of 21. This win has players and coaches excited for upcoming games and looking forward to the competitive season ahead. “After the first game I’m really looking forward to a winning season,” says Senior Isaiah Halloway, “Hammond hasn’t had a winning season in years, since my Freshman year we’ve always been 0 and 10, so for this year, to start off with a winning game against Oakland Mills is a lot of motor for the rest of the season.” 


Courtesy of Hammond Sports

The players noticed the improvement and positive changes to the team and were able to adjust and train before the new season, leading to their big win at Oakland. The players were also ecstatic about the big win! Senior Noah Jackson says “It feels like the start of a new era. We have a new coach, Coach Bell, he’s great. We hadn’t beaten Oakland Mills since around 2013, so having that big win against them was really empowering.” 

Hammond didn’t just get this win handed to them though, it took a lot of work and preparation for the Bears to get this win over OM. “To prepare, we had a tough week of practice. Kids were very focused the entire week. We have new coaches and staff members and we changed our game plan on both sides and had a really good scout against them and had our kids prepared for what they’re gonna run and when they’re going to run it.” Said new Varsity coach, Coach Bell. 

 Although realizing there still is room for improvement, Coach Bell is still excited about the win, and for the season to come. “I feel great about the win,” says Bell, “I’m just happy for our players, happy for our coaches, happy for the school and it’s something that I think this whole school needed to kick start the year off that way. Hopefully we keep taking it one at a time and win again this week and continue that repeat.” Coach Bell is ready to push the players, and the players are ready to work their hardest throughout the season.

Hammond Football is ready for the new season and to show Howard County how we can play and how we can win. Senior Sam Mercedes says,“Our defense put on a clinic the first half and we really showed the county that we aren’t the same Hammond. But we still have a lot of improvement and we need to continue to prove that this is a new era for Hammond Football, week in and week out.” So far, Hammond’s Football team has proved themselves, and Hammond should have hope for the future.

Hammond’s Varsity Football team showed their improvement and determination to win after the defeat of the Scorpions, and are ready to show the county how we play, as a team, as a school, and as winners. Go Bears!