By Claire O’Rourke

Managing Editor

Actor Paul Rudd is mostly known for his roles as Ant-Man/Scott Lang in the MCU’s Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp, Brian Fantana in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and Josh Lucas in Clueless

However, the actor also plays many lesser known and equally charming roles such as Ben Benjamin in The Fundamentals of Caring or Peter Klaven in I Love You, Man. Most recently, he is known for his role as Miles Elliot in the 2019 Netflix series Living With Yourself

While many people know or have heard of Paul Rudd, many do not know the simplest of facts about him: Paul Rudd is the greatest actor to ever live.

paul 2.jpg

Paul Rudd lookin’ cute, as always.


I have seen most movies and TV shows Paul Rudd has played a role in. And I mean any role, not just something he’s starring in. I sat through an FX showing of Sausage Party because Paul Rudd voices the minor character Darren, and you know what? I enjoyed that viewing experience. And you probably would have, too. That’s just the raw power of anything Paul Rudd is in.

Paul just brings a special kind of charisma and talent to his performances that other actors just… lack. The man looks like a puppy dog and a superhero at the same time. And he’s mega hot while doing so— and I mean, like, hot. He doesn’t even age! It’s a proven fact at this point, so he’s just gonna be in looking cute forever with his little sparkly eyes.

And his smile! When Paul flashes those pearly whites, not only is the set illuminated with the light reflecting off such a pristine surface, but also uplifted with the utmost beaming radiation of joy which at its source is so pure.

Some of my favorite Paul Rudd viewing experiences have been watching Clueless while laying in the middle of my basement floor, The Fundamentals of Caring during class instead of doing work, and only watching season 9 and 10 of Friends because those are the only two with Paul. Paul was just able to make each of those odd experiences magical through the power of his performance. I don’t think anyone has ever made me laugh or cry harder at the same time. 

If I must be critical of Paul in the slightest, my least favorite Paul Rudd performance would have to be The Catcher Was a Spy, solely based on the fact that his hair is not looking cute in that film. Aside from that, Paul plays his character amazingly.

Some may argue that other actors should be more favored than Paul Rudd. Sophomore Gianna Caci proclaims a love for Chris McCarrell, starring as Percy Jackson in The Lightning Thief Broadway musical. 

McCarrell has many lovable traits according to Caci, such as “he’s honest— his performance is fun! He is an actor that makes you feel as though he’s also just a normal human, which he is,” she explains.

However, Paul, too, exhibits all these traits descriptive of GOATedness! Paul delivers the most fun of performances, particularly in Ant-Man, as he is able to bring across the warm vibes of a character who is easy to love because of his exacerbation, confusion, and sense of humor yet ability to end up both super genuine and a superhero in the end.

His performance in not only Ant-Man, but in every film he’s been featured in lets viewers feel as though he is not acting, but being himself, and thus lets his characters feel real.

Paul Rudd is the greatest human in the universe.