By Leah Russell

Social Media Coordinator

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Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

“Our mission this summer is to have a good time, all the time.” By the title of the series, you may have already guessed where they live, but if you haven’t I’ll give you a hint, reread the title! One of the newest shows to come out on Netflix, the cast features many relatively new faces in television including Chase Stokes as John B. Routledge and Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron. Outer Banks follows a young teen and his friends through a dangerous all-summer treasure hunt inspired by his missing father. With lots of action and drama, it’s almost impossible to turn this show off! This show has something for everyone, plenty of relationships, and funny moments.

Off-screen, the cast gets along extremely well, and it is reflected on-screen with their authentic friendship. It is obvious that the cast had fun creating such an intriguing and action-packed storyline for viewers to follow. The show opens up with a storm brewing on the coast of the town. Knocking out all electricity and destroying buildings, the storm also uncovered secrets. From the first episode, I was drawn in by the mystery of John B.’s dad’s disappearance, and the mysterious boat the friends find. The problem with the friends finding things they should not have found is the danger that it causes them. It seems like no matter where they go, the police are suspicious of them, and even people they have never met are looking for them. We later find out that John B.’s father went missing in his search for $400 million in gold, from the shipwreck of The Royal Merchant. Do they find the gold? And what kind of danger do they get themselves in in the hunt for it? With mysterious plot twists around every corner, this show will keep you up all night trying to figure it out.

Something about the idea of a treasure hunt brings you back to memories of your childhood, which I think is what makes this show so appealing. The characters are living out a real live treasure hunt, complete with the “pot of gold” at the end. Making the idea of a childhood dream in the show is the lack of technology. You almost do not realize it at first, but the storm that uncovered boats in the water also knocked out the power to charge phones and the cell towers. Not only does this ensure that the team cannot contact each other unless they are in person, which can be very inconvenient when their lives and $400 million is at stake. Along with increasing the suspense, it also limits the distractions of the characters. There’s no television to watch, or social media, or air conditioning. This seemingly forced the team to go outside of their comfort zone, mainly staying outside and talking to each other face-to-face. This style is very refreshing, especially for a show set in the modern-day. 

Surprisingly, for a show centered around the Outer Banks, it was actually filmed in Charleston. And even though it was not filmed in the actual Outer Banks, the directors did a great job capturing the laid back and beachy lifestyle of the people there. One important aspect that the filmmakers captured is the “look” of the people. Everyone has the type of tan that comes from being on the beach 24/7, and it seems like they’re always ready for a swim by wearing bathing suits as their actual outfit or under it. It is no wonder the style has become popular among viewers, with many acquiring bandanas and yarn bracelets just like the actors done in the show. 

Overall, this show has so many great aspects and something for everyone, with the directing taking viewers through a treasure hunt, tremulous relationships, and the rivalry between the two sides on their island. While I recommend starting this show as soon as possible, I would also make sure you’re prepared to get drawn into the mystery.