Leah Russell

Social Media Coordinator


Coronavirus has impacted so many people around the world and right here in the Hammond community. Many students did not expect that when they packed their backpacks up on March 13th, that the school year would be over. But this impact on Hammond students goes past their studies. With many businesses still closed due to social distancing measures, many students are concerned about their current or summer jobs.

Many businesses, like Merriweather Post Pavilion and the Columbia Association pools have pushed back their openings, or decided not to re-open at all. The Hammond students planning to work at those places may have to find a new job, or choose not to work until places begin to open. Camryn Johnson expresses her struggles with working because of Coronavirus, “I’m not working right now and I was planning on finding a job in March right after we got let out for the two week break at first. Soon after though, all the businesses closed so I could not find a job.” With so many businesses closed, it is already hard for students to keep their job, let alone find a new one.

While some students cannot currently work because their place of work is not open, others raise concerns that going back to work will put them at risk. Rising Senior Sarah Linthicum said, “I am worried that going back to work would put [me] and my family at more risk just because we’ll be exposed to more people as opposed to being at home right now.” Anyone working or planning to go to work seems to be thinking about the risk factor, as well as considering what measures they could take if they do go back to their job.

Some students understand the risk of working right now, but believe that the reward outweighs it when practicing proper safety measures. Ama Stott stated, “I am still looking for job options, but if I do get a job I will wear a mask and make sure to avoid any unnecessary contact with people.” It is important for many people to get back to work, and by taking proper measures many students have figured out how to do just that. 

It has been difficult for many to adapt to the unprecedented circumstances happening today. Social distancing measures and such widespread business closings are new to everyone, and requires new ideas to deal with this situation. As of right now and the foreseeable future, everyone will have to get used to working with Coronavirus.