How some celebrities have led the way

By Jessica Mawi

Staff Writer

Justin Bieber’s song, “Holy” released in September 2020 under his new album, “Changes.”

We are all aware of COVID-19 hitting worldwide to the point where it became a national emergency. Many stores, public services, and even parks went into lockdown along with us citizens for the safety of ourselves and others. Many of us complained about being quarantined, but we never challenged ourselves with a new perspective. A perspective in which there is a light at the end of the tunnel. What is that light? It is personal growth.

Every celebrity went into quarantine and some came out as a new and improved person. Their improvements have influenced their young audience, the majority being high school students. 

A former vine star and current YouTuber, Lohanthony, with nearly 1.4 million subscribers had a drastic spiritual change during quarantine. I had the honor to receive a message response from him explaining what inspired him to change his life around.

“I think having a savior, Jesus Christ, is something we are all worthy of. Learning more about him and his call I couldn’t help but answer,” Lohanthony inspired many young adults with his spiritual growth, posting many Biblical scriptures on social media.

When asked if preferred life before or after quarantine he states, “I definitely prefer life now. As…trying this year has been, it has tested our faith and patience, but it has brought us together in a spiritual and emotional way.” Many celebrities had the opportunity to grow and connect within and with others on an emotional level. 

Every teenage girl’s all-time favorite celebrity crush, Justin Bieber, had a spiritual growth as well. According to his interviews with Pastor Rich Wilkerson, a senior pastor from Vous Church in Florida, Bieber talks about his growing faith and getting baptized. He explains how his wife, Hailey Bieber, and being quarantined has progressed and strengthened their relationship. From his spiritual growth, Bieber releases a single called “Holy” celebrating and emphasizing a new passion for his faith and hope. 

This new album along with Bieber’s growth sparked some interesting reactions within his young teen audience in our Hammond community. A poll was taken on Instagram, asking whether or not they liked his new song. A couple of students at Hammond gave their own opinion on our famous JB.

A senior, Inshal Choudhry stated, “Justin has definitely grown during quarantine, and I feel like marriage has helped him mature and be responsible more than we think.”

Another student, Jair Perez, commented, “His new song seems to have a good impact on the students here. It really shows that he has developed as a person during lockdown, and that is what we all needed to see. Change from a person we all once looked up to.” 

Lohanthony and Bieber’s personal growth and development, alongside many other celebrities, have influenced, not only our society, but specifically our smaller Hammond community. A place where people are important. It is important for celebrities in general to be a good role model for us, and they have done an exemplary job at changing and growing for the better.