Why TikTok Should Be Banned

By Jessica Mawi

Staff Writer

TikTok, a social media app where many groups of people from a variety of backgrounds and ages come together on one platform. This app is primarily used by teenagers nowadays to perform dances, educate others, voice your opinions, be a role model, and a variety of other things. There can be many benefits to it, but there are far more detrimental effects and consequences of having this app. While TikTok may be for all groups of different ages, it has a greater influence on high schoolers. The question is, how dangerous can it be to have this one simple app?

Many students and staff at Hammond High have expressed their opinions on TikTok. Shivani Modi, senior and SGA president, loves the app. She brought some insight to her own thoughts, saying “It’s so easy to pass hours of time on TikTok because the videos cater to our short attention spans,” bringing attention to how addicting it can be to one’s mind. 

Mrs. Miller, Hammond’s food and culinary teacher, believes that “This app is absolutely one of the most addictive apps I’ve seen young people engaging with.” She has first-hand experience from observing her daughter using the app on a daily basis. 

Privacy and Safety

Security and privacy are immensely important to everyone, especially if it is on the internet or online. Hammond’s SGA president further commented, “TikTok isn’t the most private platform. I’ve seen many people who’ve been doxxed and harassed for TikTok videos. But, as long as they don’t post anything controversial and they adhere to social media guidelines, I think teachers and students are safe on TikTok.” 

Another senior, Stephen Espiritu, adds that “[TikTok] does track your location and the algorithm [bases your page on] wherever you are.” This makes it evident that there need to be precautions taken, however, banning the app for our privacies and safety is a far better option. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Negative Impact

Our current society, especially the youth, mainly retrieves sources or gain unhealthy happiness from social media, a happiness that transforms into an addiction. TikTok is one of the major factors for negativity. 

“TikTok has negatively impacted my life because it is a true addiction. I can go take a break from my homework for ten minutes and lay on my bed, but then I would get up hours later. Slow-motion is better than no motion. No progression.” said Meer Abdullah, a senior. Other students such as Shivani and Stephen are in the same agreement. 

“TikTok makes me much more unproductive because the short videos keep me on the app for longer than I’d like. I know a lot of students have been coping with the pandemic by using TikTok, but staying on the app too long can definitely worsen mental health,” said Shivani Modi.

Many students at our Hammond community can come to an agreement that the app takes more of our time than we realize and it is addicting. 

“My daughter is clearly unable to pull herself away from this app. Instead of getting her schoolwork done and even instead of getting a good night’s sleep, she is on this app.” Mrs. Miller is also a concerned educator and parent. 

There are many negative consequences of having TikTok, so it really the best idea to continue keeping it around? 

Some other teachers who have children at home were asked if TikTok should get banned. Their responses mostly reflect their own lack of knowledge when it comes to the app, although they are aware of their own children’s involvement.

There can be certain dangers that arise from the lack of information parents have on this particular app. Not to mention cyber bullying can occur as well, which can lead to suicidal thoughts or suicide.