By Ali Ahmed

Staff Writer

Attack On Titan’s Season 4 cover art

The winter seasons always have hidden advantages and hidden benefits; one trend that continues over the years tends to be anime releases towards the new year and January, and this year was no exception to that trend. From romance animes to titans, January has an exciting schedule. 

Some notable titles being released in this Winter 2020-2021 season are as follows: Attack on Titan (the final season), Quintessential Quintuplets (season 2), HoriMiya, Re-Zero (season 2 part 2).

The show Attack on Titan itself is a monster of the anime industry, its name being world-renowned and the show loved by almost all. In a world where humans are in a constant state of fear due to being hunted by titans whose sole purpose is to kill, how do they make it out alive? How do they save humanity? Paradis, their country, is surrounded by three walls. Eren Yeager, the protagonist, discovers that he too has titan powers and uses them for the greater good of helping humanity. Attack on Titan is a great watch and is almost a must for any anime watcher, the mix of humor, mystery, and action has put this show among my top three all time.

Quintessential Quintuplets is a fairly new show that aired in 2020, after receiving outstanding reviews the show returns for a second season. The show itself follows the story of a boy named Futaro Uesugi, a student with a family stricken with poverty. Regardless of this, he remains to be the top of his class consistently, when he receives the opportunity to tutor he is stunned seeing that he has to tutor the quintuplets in the same grade as him. This turned into one of the best rom-coms that 2020 had to offer, “Honestly one of the best romance animes I’ve ever seen” commented Hammond High junior Thomas Williams. 

HoriMiyaa will be having its debut this January, with the manga doing outstandingly well, the anime adaptation was bound to happen. It’s a romance anime that follows two students who can’t seem to confess their feelings to each other. Will they end up together? Or will a third party come in between and cause issues for them? The manga for this show was amazing, so we can only hope the anime lives up to the same caliber. 

Re-Zero is a show that follows Natsuki Subaru, a shut-in boy who just happened to go out for a snack one day when he was then transported into a parallel world, amongst his journeys and struggles in this world he realizes he can Return Via Death, meaning whenever he dies he reverts back to the past to redo his actions. Although he can’t tell anyone about it, yet has to cope with knowing he must die in order to fix the future. Will this power tear him apart and cause him emotional anguish? Will it bring him joy? “Honestly one of the best plots to a show I’ve ever seen,” says Hammond High junior Michael Jatto. This anime’s mix of suspense, love, action, and dark tones has it up there as one of my favorites of all time.