By Green Team Member Shifa Shaikh

“The Bear”

Trudging through the endless white,

The bear shoves through snowy mounds.

The groaning of the creaking ice,

A reverberating sound. 

The blistering, surging heat,

That slinks across the rime,

Renders the ice to sleet,

And softens snow to slime. 

The bear beholds his home,

With a morose, despondent stare.

Oh, the glaciers he used to roam,

Back when bliss imbued the air.

And the brisk and brumal breeze,

That would ruffle his matted fur.

Why, it seems to have ceased.

Along with the puffins’ perky churr.

Alas, this crystal tundra

Has lost its glinting sheen.

As the ravenous people plunder,

With their hulking, gnarled machines.

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