By Marissa Yelenik

Online Editor

On April 29, the Class of 2021 Senior Class Council put on the Senior Festival. This festival was put on in lieu of prom’s cancellation due to COVID-19, and included many games, prizes, and other fun activities for the seniors that chose to attend.

Many of the seniors that participated in the festival were appreciative of the experience despite the new difficult format, with Catie Ward saying “I think they did an amazing job setting up for the event and providing fun activities for everyone.”

Ana Coman added “I think there could have been more activities, but overall it was nice to socialize with people and to play some of the games… I wanted to see friends from school that I haven’t talked to in a long time, and to talk to some of my teachers from last semester.” 

Ms. Speirs, the head of 2021’s Class Council, gave some insight into how important she viewed this event for the seniors, adding “This year has been an incredibly difficult and unexpected year for the class of 2021. It breaks our hearts that circumstances didn’t allow us to have the senior year that so many of our class looked forward to… The Class of 2021 has handled this year with maturity, grace, and compassion.”

She went on to speak of just how proud she was of her class, saying  “Our seniors have lived out Hammond’s motto, ‘where people are important’ in every event, both virtual and in-person. Despite the challenges of this year, our seniors have found ways to show up for each other and represent the absolute best of Hammond High School.”

Catie Ward later talked about her favorite bit of the events. She stated, “My favorite part of this event was probably the decorations, they made the atmosphere. Out of all the decorations, the best was probably the balloon arch… it looked great both in person and in photos.”

Ms. Spiers also spoke on the subject of student leaders, and revealed just who the class of 2021 has to thank for this event, saying “The Senior Class Council are the student-leaders who helped put together this event. The following seniors demonstrated exceptional commitment, work ethic, and dedication to putting this event together: Camryn Johnson, Shivani Modi, Ama Stott, and Georgia Briggs.”

Pictured Above: Class of 2021 enjoys their time at Senior Fest

Pictured Above: Class of 2021 enjoys their time at Senior Fest