By Allison Diaz

Staff Writer 

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Konichiwa! Hello! Ni- Hao! Bonjour! Travel the world with the international confidence men who play “robin hood” with the world as their stage. Great Pretender, a Japanese original crime comedy anime that was written by Ryōta Kosawa, directed by Hiro Kaburagi, and animated by Wit Studio, who is known for Attack on Titan, Vinland saga, and Seraph of the End.  

The anime follows the self-proclaimed, “Japanese World Swindler,” Makoto Edamura who tries to swindle an elite Confidence man, known as Laurent Theirry. Ironically, the “Japanese World Swindler” gets swindled instead–but into something bigger, something that is far more dangerous and risky.

 The first season consists of 14 episodes, which are divided into three cases, Case 1: Los Angeles Connection, Case 2: Singapore Sky, and Case 3: Snow of London. Each case is a unique heist in which the international con-artists attempt to take down an ill-minded person with power. As you watch the anime, you’ll slowly figure out that in each case, the backstories of each main character, Edamura, Laurent, Abbie, and Cynthia, are explained. The last case, Case 4: Wizard of Far East, takes place in season 2 and consists of 9 episodes. 

One of the most important aspects of a film or show is the soundtrack. A person’s emotion can change simply by music. If a person hears classical music, they will feel calm. If a person listens to death metal, they’ll feel empowerment or joy.  Music is highly important in a show or film because it has the power to change the emotion. 

 The Great Pretender’s soundtrack is composed by Yutaka Yamada, a Japanese music composer, known for composing Tokyo Ghoul, Vinland Saga, Bleach, and Death Note: Light of the New World. The animes that are listed all have a melodic soundtrack and they all achieved making me feel different types of emotions. Similarly, The Great Pretender has an astonishing soundtrack and can make you feel grief, joy, anger, surprise, and a LOT of excitement. Also, Freddie Mercury’s hit song, The Great Pretender, is the end credit song for Great Pretender.

Just as the soundtrack for the anime was impressive, the animation from Great Pretender was lovely to look at. The color palette of the animation was full of vibrant colors that created the atmosphere of the anime to become much more lively. The aesthetics of Los Angeles, Singapore, and London were beautifully done. Also, the opening song visuals for Great Pretender brought nostalgia as it reminded me of Monsters Inc intro visuals. Great Pretender has an amazing storyline, diverse characters, and interesting arcs that take place all around the world. Both the English subbed and English dubbed are outstanding. Also, if you have watched Oceans 8, this anime will be a great recommendation for you, as it has a similar plot.