By Joseph Gray

Staff Writer

Nick Diaz deserves to make post-UFC 266 decisions on his own | Opinion

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Fighting since the early 2000’s, Nick Diaz is ranked number 171 in the Middleweight Division and has been a fan favorite for two decades. Nick Diaz was always known for his taunting, and his borderline disrespectful attitude toward his opponents. 

Fighting legends such as Anderson Silva, Nick was carving himself permanently into the world of MMA with his wild boxing-BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) style and his taunts during and before fights. Nick was never supposed to be on the mic because of his bad mouth, but Joe Rogan loved him and his foul mouth on live television. In his career, Nick saw some trouble with his use of Marijuana and failure of drug tests.

In 2015, Nick Diaz, the famous Stockton Slapper, saw his career come to a halting stop. After a fight against the legendary Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz failed a drug test. Nick had already passed a drug test before the fight, and even two after, but on the third he failed, with THC popping up in his system. 

Many argue that this was unjust asMarijuana shouldn’t be considered for these drug tests, and Nick argued that the excessive use of these tests were intended to take him down.

That year, the fight was ruled a “No Contest” and Nick Diaz came before the Nevada Athletic Board for his 4th drug test. The board came to an excessive conclusion that Nick Diaz should be fined $165,000 and given a 5-year ban. This is insane, considering Anderson Silva tested positive for Steroids and was only banned for 2 years. 

Nick Diaz would not be allowed to be ringside for his brother, Nate Diaz, during his bout with Conor McGregor. Nick would go on to train and just live his life, his appeals failing constantly.

Eventually, 2021 came around, and Nick Diaz was to fight Robbie Lawler at UFC 266. The two had already fought in 2004, with Nick beating the future champion and legend in the 3rd round of the fight. Nick Diaz knocked the young Lawler out and left him upset and stumbling.

In the rematch, Nick was obviously out of shape and age was catching up with him. Lawler may be aging and out of his prime, but he is still an insane brawler. The fight started and things were obviously going to go bad for Diaz. Lawler threw hard and heavy hits as well as fast ones that easily landed on the aged Diaz. 

Nick did land a decent amount of hits, but most were weak jabs that had no power behind them. Nick Diaz lost his shine, his taunt, his speed, and his strength, and the one thing he had was his BJJ. Training under the famous Gracie family who invented BJJ, Nick did not go to the ground once. Knowing Nick, his pride stopped him from ravaging Lawler on the ground, and he attempted to box the world-class boxer.

In the end, Nick was hit so hard that he fell and just couldn’t get back up. Nick Diaz has sadly announced his retirement as his age catches up with him. Hopefully  we will see him back as a trainer or in his brother’s corner.