By Zahraa Aslam

Staff Writer

 Alternative Learning Program Coordinator, Mr. Hawkins, created an event called “Bump It Up.” This event allowed students to come to school and talk to their teachers, giving them an opportunity to communicate about ways to improve their grades.

Mr. Hawkins explains the event as, “An opportunity for a few different things. Bringing grades up…teachers are available to help students with their issues. Another thing [is that] it helps the relationship between staff and parents and gives us an opportunity to communicate with parents and talk about expectations. It also betters the relationship between student and teacher.” 

 He continued as he talked about what the first bump it up event was like: “It was intense. A lot of students were working, and teachers were helping students…everyone was busy for 3 hours. A lot of students bumped up their grade. Some teachers said it was their first opportunity to work one-on-one and meet with students.”

Mr. Hawkins created this event to “…help Hammond transition back to a positive, inclusive, caring [and] involved culture we had before the pandemic.”

Everyone knows that schools and classes have expectations, so what expectations are held during the event?

Well, the expectations aren’t too strict: “Be positive [and] get as much done as possible. I expect students to be invested, to work with teachers, and enjoy the pancakes.”

Another thing Mr. Hawkins wants students of Hammond to know about the event is that it is “…a great benefit to attend if you need assistance or if you’re looking for 1 on 1 with the teacher. It’s the perfect opportunity to reinforce what you learned in class or to study for a test.”

If you are interested in going to the event, the next few upcoming dates of “Bump It Up” will be held are as follows: November 20th, 2021, December 18, 2021, January 8, 2022, March 19, 2022, and April 23, 2022.