By Troy Kelly

Staff Writer

To write the article or to not write the article, that is the question. It’s not that I don’t want to write the article. I would love to be productive and write 1000 articles, but first it was hard picking anything I would be able to write even 600 words on. But luckily I got an amazing idea from Ms. Osborne on writing “Why I don’t want to write an article.”

The biggest things making it hard for me to do my work or write this article are Corona, my job, senioritis, and the feeling like I’m doing pointless work. And for me writing is not hard at all, it’s actually easy, it’s just that I have a hard time starting. I will wait until the absolute last minute to do something, and then do it. But once I get started I go on a flow and am able to write an article, like I’m going to do right now, fitting writing this article into this class period.

Even before Corona began I was skimming my work. But when I didn’t have to go to school, and “be present” in my google meet, it was almost impossible to get work done. The thing is, teachers push you into work and make you do it, but now in my eyes it is really a choice of whether I felt like doing my work or not.

And when there’s a decision between video games, anime, and South Park, not a lot of work gets done. And going back into school and trying to just start doing work again was hard. I got used to picking and choosing when I do assignments and being bothered to get work done while I was in class.

Also it’s hard to come home and feel like doing schoolwork when I have work every single day. I go straight from school to work and then from there I go home, and the last thing on my mind is opening up my computer to figure out what assignments I have to do.

I work at a doggy daycare place where there can be up to 120 dogs at one time. The only things dogs do all day are bark and fight. It gets annoying and boring, especially since the dogs are always slobbering everywhere and trying to jump on you.

This senior year has been the hardest year for me motivation-wise. Honestly, I have been checked out since freshman year. I’ve been told I have had senioritis since I got to high school. Being a senior has officially made me ready to graduate. I don’t talk to a lot of people in school anymore, so it’s not nearly as fun and I just don’t feel like dealing with people.

Plus as I got older I realized how much stuff I’m learning seems very useless and makes ZERO sense most of the time, so it makes it a lot harder for me to do the work, especially when I know I’m not going to remember most of the stuff I learn next week.

Anyway, that’s enough complaining. I’m not someone who complains a lot, but school is just a tedious thing. Luckily this is my last year and I don’t have to deal with any of it anymore. 

But somehow through all these annoyances, I still wrote the article, and I did enjoy the many memories I’ve had in this school and the friends I’ve made along the way. Also I’m serious about babysitting. I’m a great baby watcher. I work with dogs, how can babies be any different?

And there’s your article.