By Lynn Phillips

Staff Writer

Hammond High school is hosting its annual Green Fest hosted by Hammonds green team. The event will be held on April 30th at Hammond in the cafeteria. It will start at 10:00am and end around 1:00pm.

The Green Fest is a great way to get involved with the community because it will give you a chance to connect with the community, because anyone can come from all ages. Mrs. Niland, the Green team sponsor, talks about how the purpose of Green Fest is to expose the community to local groups that they might not be aware of, and what they do that pertains to the environment. “Green Fest and Green teams goal is to help people make better environmental choices in their everyday life,” Mrs. Niland explains. The Green Fest is a fun event which will have crafts hosted by the students on the green team as well as a couple of games too. 

Some of the crafts include decorating a can to become a planter and you can take a plant home with you. The games will include trivia with a wheel you can spin. There will be a game to help show the importance of water as well. There will be a race where one bucket is full of water and another at the other end empty and they will have to get the water to the other side using a cup. 

There will also be the usual four or five local groups, they have a table and they just have information. The local groups will have information about environmental knowledge as well as short presentations about their topic. Some of the local groups include the “Howard County Library” and the “Watershed Stewards Academy”. There will be more groups there as well. 

Green Fest is open to anyone from all ages. You can bring family and friends along. Mrs. Niland and the green team are excited to have the event back in person as it will be nice to see people again.