By Samuel Lian

Staff Writer

Snack returns to Hammond High School. After a two year hiatus, the snack is finally back. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students at Hammond High weren’t given the chance to experience these delectable treats. Many students had wondered what happened to the snacks. However, as soon as they heard of its return, the lines were piling up every lunch period.

Although the roster of snacks includes a variety of drinks and sweets, many students are still complaining that there isn’t enough variety to the menu. Han Cheng, a sophomore, said “There needs to be more variety. It’s too basic for school lunch.” A junior, who wanted to remain anonymous, reported that the school snacks were basic as well. That instead, “…they should get us some chips. Like, they don’t have to be unhealthy, but it has to have more of a variety.”

Students were also asked for their opinions about the pricing of the snack. According to the anonymous student, the snacks are well-priced for their quality. “A dollar is nothing,” they said. A senior, Christopher Wilson, commented about the pricing of snacks. “Uhm, nah, the cookies are a good price, and I think the Switches [a carbonated juice drink] are a little expensive but not terrible.” 

When asked for her thoughts on snack returning, Kitchen Manager Krystle Chase said “I think having snack back is a good thing. I mean it’s more of a confirmation that we’re going back to our normal way of doing things. And obviously, it’s good for business as well.” 

Chase also gave her thoughts on why snacks did not return during last school year saying, “Due to the pandemic and all the restrictions involved, we physically couldn’t take cash. Of course there was still the school lunch account method, but during that year we didn’t use the accounts and instead lunch was free.”