Meet the Old and Greet the New

By Gabrielle Fernandez


Image Source: The Roundtable 

One of the most out-of-the-box, strange, and entertaining animated shows has come back with a remake after originally airing on Cartoon Hangover, but has now been picked up by Netflix. Bee and Puppycat, made by Natasha Allegri, came to life as a web pilot in 2013 and with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, the first season was released on YouTube in 2014 and continued until 2016. During the same years, KaBoom! Studios also published a comic adaption to the series, yet it didn’t take off like the YouTube series had. 

Bee and Puppycat follows a 22 year old girl named Bee who struggles to find her place in the world and not being able to keep a job. One day Bee finds Puppycat, an alien that looks like a cat but smells like a dog, and takes him in to care for him. Together they become a duo and travel the universe and work temp jobs for money to keep them afloat. 

The original pilot from 2013 gives the story of how titular characters Bee and Puppycat meet and the adventures of their first temp job. Since it is a pilot episode, they’re feeling out the ropes for the show and while it’s not needed, there are subtle differences from the other two series that make it worth the watch.

The YouTube release of Bee and Puppycat is centered more around Bee’s subtle struggle with adulthood and grasping being a young adult with no job. One of the show’s main lovable aspects is the relatability of how Bee lives her life from day to day without knowing what she really wants to pursue. Until Puppycat enters her life, it’s seen as mostly mundane with her just floating by to try and make ends meet to pay her rent like most young people are dealing with at this point of their lives. 

While the show has a lot of awkward, amazing humor, the underlying story is still there to show change in one’s life. Characters such as Deckard, Bee’s best friend, deal with the struggle of not knowing if he should pursue his cooking career because he has to leave his family and friends behind in the process. Throughout the show the characters face certain challenges that make the watcher face their own reality of dealing with change in their own lives. 

Recently on November 6th, a new, two season series of Bee and Puppycat aired on Netflix. Instead of one season like the YouTube series, there are two seasons that have launched so far already with a third season coming in the future. With the production of this remake series, all 10 episodes from the original had to be shoved in the first three episodes for watchers who are starting fresh. While the pacing for the first three episodes is rushed, by the fourth episode everything slows down and that’s where the new Bee and Puppycat really starts to shine. 

One of the biggest loveable attributes of Bee and Puppycat is the strange yet funny humor they include to lighten the darker tone of the series. With having to condense the first season from the YouTube series, a lot of the humorous scenes that people have come to love and know were either changed or taken out entirely. For original watchers it’s a downside as the humor just doesn’t hit like it did in the past, luckily the new series still captures the same essence that the original Bee and Puppycat had.

Some will say that the original Bee and Puppycat will always be superior and while nothing can beat it, there’s a lot more detail and lore to the story for the new series. One of the lacking parts of the original on YouTube is the lack of explanation for a lot of events that happened throughout the show. With the new one, there is a lot more insight that makes Bee and Puppycat less messy and more structured than before. To fully enjoy the Bee and Puppycat experience, it’s best to watch the pilot, YouTube series, and then the Netflix show to grasp everything that has happened with the franchise so far. Bee and Puppycat will always be a hit for people who want to experience an aesthetically pleasing, relatable, and weirdly exciting show that is out of this world.