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Why “Radio Music” Is Problematic and How We Can Make It Better

A feature in every car has to warrant some use…

By Izzy Harper

Staff Writer

Best Android Auto head unit car stereos for 2021 - Roadshow

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Ever since music began to be shared over the airwaves, all of the top songs have been played for all the world to experience. It sounds good on paper, but there’s an ongoing problem in radio music selection; it relies on the fact that only songs that have received copious amounts of acclaim have been played. 

Only the ones that have gathered millions of sales and streams, with no room for lesser known artists in the spotlight. Since there are so few of these songs, they’re all played “ad nauseum” across pop music frequencies! Not to mention that songs as successful as these have been used in other media to an unending extent. 

Tastes in music are ever-changing, and more of the same songs are bound to get old. That’s why I ask for one thing when it comes to the radio: take your advertisement of “variety” seriously, and play some music by artists that aren’t already millionaires!

There are songs frequently used on popular social media sites like TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram that you would never hear on the radio, and they’ve been used thousands of times. So why refuse to play them? 

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Afghanistan Suffers Again: Hammond Students and Teachers Comment on the Taliban’s Return to Power

By Zahraa Aslam

Staff Writer

A U.S. general warned the Taliban to stay out of Kabul or be bombed. The  Taliban rolled into Kabul anyway.

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Afghanistan is in danger again. The Taliban took control over Kabul on August 15th, 2021. This is the second time the Taliban has taken over. The first time the Taliban took over was from 1996 to 2001. They made sure women had little to no rights. Among the many constrictions, women were not able to go to school, they could not work or go out in public without a man escorting them, and they had to fully cover their bodies. 

When the Taliban first took control, they caused the 9/11 attack. Now that the Taliban has taken over again, they changed up their rules. People cannot leave Afghanistan, women can learn, but only if they have a female teacher, and they have to go to an all-female school. 

The people of Afghanistan don’t have a voice: if they speak up against the Taliban, they could be punished or even killed. Despite all that’s happening, the president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, fled and left his people behind in danger, but he wasn’t the only one. 

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In-Person vs. Online Learning

Breaking down the pros and cons at Hammond

By Ali Ahmed

Staff Writer

Pictured above: Students using their laptops to complete assignments in Ms. Stocklin’s AP English class.

As of August 30, 2021 Howard County Public School Systems has returned to in-person learning. This jump from online learning to in-person learning has caused many students and teachers to have to quickly adapt to a new lifestyle they had not seen for almost two full years. 

Hammond High School students and teachers harbor strong opinions on the ongoing debate between online school and in-person school. 

Hammond seniors Devon Yeckley, Hussain Masood, and Bennett Freeman all agreed that in-person school was more enjoyable by far.

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Playing Our Part: The Role of COVID-19 Regulations in Getting Back to Normal

By Akil Brathwaite

Staff Writer

Image source: Mississippi Today

Ever since the start of COVID-19, life as we know it has been disrupted. We’ve all had to adjust to new ways of living to keep ourselves and those around us safe, but with the distribution of vaccines, we may be able to return to normal. Or at least, somewhat normal.

As of August 23, 2021, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was approved for those who are 12 years and up, yet there’s been no word from the FDA about vaccines for those younger than 12. In response to this, the Maryland State Department of Education has required masks for both students and staff.

Despite the mask mandate, some parents are concerned about letting their kids, who are unable to get vaccinated, into a school environment alongside their peers and teachers.

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Opinion: Copyright Law Is Outdated

By Lydia Jensen

Co-editorials Editor

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With the growing rise of access to the internet and all the free content it provides, and with many people turning to online methods of communication and content creation during quarantine, copyright law is not only as important as ever, but significantly easier to break. With 500 hours of content being uploaded every minute on YouTube alone (Statistica), it’s almost impossible to keep up with all of the information and whether or not it follows those strict guidelines. 

Copyright law allows the authors of a piece of media (depending on other legal circumstances) the ability to modify, extend, and copy their work. Many licenses don’t give the same abilities – or any at all – to others. In today’s society, where people are consuming art at rates to the point of it becoming a commodity, we need new copyright laws. With the current system in place, the only way that you can use someone else’s work, sometimes even with their permission, is through a critique. With memes and the general internet culture, this just doesn’t work.

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Biden Administration Immigration Reform

Leaana Khan

Co-Editorials Editor

Image Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Rio Grande Valley Sector

During his campaign, Joe Biden made many promises to resolve issues surrounding immigration and border policy. While his administration has certainly acted on a lot of these promises, a good portion of them remain unfulfilled or incomplete. A select few have even been completely disregarded by the administration.

One of the biggest upsets from the Trump administration was the separation of migrant children from their families. The Biden campaign made the task of reuniting these families one of their top priorities during the election. They established a task force dedicated to finding the families of these children. However, as of April 2021, none of the families separated under Trump have been reunited. While it seems easy to blame the Biden administration for this major shortcoming, the reason that no families have been reunited stems from problems during the Trump administration. 

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Gun Violence, A Preventable Situation

By Allison Diaz and Erin Peters

Staff Writers

Gun control advocates nervous as Supreme Court takes up first 2nd Amendment  case in a decade
Image Source: NBC News

Why are weapons of war being sold to people? If bearing guns are to protect ourselves, why do we hold more fear instead? It saddens us to see people getting murdered and wounded due to gun violence, especially since it is something our government can prevent with stricter gun regulations. 

About 50 mass shootings have been reported in the United States since March 16, where eight people were murdered and one injured in shootings that took place in three Atlanta-area spas. And in the past few weeks, there have been a hefty amount of mass shootings. More than eight people were killed and numerous people have been wounded. 

In Chicago, Illinois, a seven year old girl was killed after being shot multiple times at a McDonald’s drive-thru lane. Her dad was shot in the torso and is in serious condition. No one is in custody but the shooting is under investigation. 

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Milk: Let’s Talk About It

Cow milk and benefits of alternative milk

By: Ada Wang

Staff Writer

Image Source: Osborne, Ria/Getty Images

There are many different kinds of milk, each with different benefits and drawbacks to them. Starting with the most common one is cow milk. Cow milk has the benefit of calcium which is widely known as being necessary for building and strengthening bones, but it also carries out important functions in our body. It allows our muscles to contract, our blood to clot, and our heart to beat. Cow’s milk is one of the most accessible and well-known foods that is rich in calcium. The downside of whole milk is that it is full of saturated fat and calories, making it bad for people with high cholesterol and heart problems. My parents always have milk in our fridge and I had been drinking it since I was a child. I dislike the aftertaste, and a year or two ago, I have tried to avoid it to the best of my ability, opting for milk alternatives instead. 

Soy milk is the most nutritionally balanced alternative of the bunch and most similar to the nutritional value of cow milk. Soy milk is a good source of protein, vitamin A, B12, and D as well as potassium. It also has no cholesterol which is good for those with heart problems. Soybean is also fairly easy to grow. There are many speculations about the cons of soy milk, including lower fertility and issues for people with thyroid conditions, but none backed by consistent evidence and research. The only clear disadvantage of soy milk being that soy is a possible allergen. Soy milk was one of the first milk alternatives I tried and I enjoy the taste of soy milk. I have tried sweetened soy milk to unsweetened soy milk that tasted more bean-y. It took a little to adjust to the taste of the more bean-flavored one, but after a bit, it tasted just fine, and still better than dairy milk to me.

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Vaccine Passports and Post-Pandemic Travel

By: Bella Kaguyutan 

Staff Writer

Biden COVID travel order: No-mask fines reach up to $1,500 - Los Angeles  Times
Image Source: Los Angeles Times 

As more and more people worldwide are getting vaccinated, non-essential travel will soon return. Travel post-pandemic will look much different than it did before 2020. The concept of vaccine passports has been proposed as a method to allow travelers to prove vaccination before entering a foreign country. This would allow people to travel to other countries without having to go into a quarantine period. While some may be against it, some countries are already lining up plans for vaccine passports. 

The topic of vaccine passports has stirred controversy worldwide even though required vaccinations are not a new concept. All states within the US require children to be vaccinated before attending school. Except for certain medical, religious, or philosophical exemptions.  In addition, most colleges require a meningitis vaccination prior to attending if the student plans to live in on-campus housing. 

Certain countries have already begun the use of vaccine certification and others are lining up to begin soon. In Israel, citizens are enjoying newfound freedom through the use of  the Green Pass. The country currently has the second-highest percentage of vaccinated citizens in the world and the Green Pass gives these citizens access to hotels, gyms, and theatres. Iceland, Croatia, Romania, and many other countries are also allowing fully vaccinated travelers to enter the country. 

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Online School: Why it might be a better option for many students

By Lizzy Hughes

Staff Writer

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For most of this school year, students have attended school virtually to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. With online school came the freedom of staying home and waking up at a later time to log into class. 

The number of classes each student took changed, and students could choose an extra subject that they wanted to take, without the worry of midterms or finals. For seniors, taking four classes each semester was a lot less stressful, and students were able to focus more on their college applications or plans for the future.

Many students find it hard to go to school if they struggle in classroom environments, or if they worry about their appearance in front of their peers constantly. 

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