By: Abike Orenuga and Chisom Ibezue

Staff Writers

Hammond’s Varsity field hockey team has had an outstanding season so far, making significant improvements since last year’s season. 

Hammond’s Varsity field hockey team started off the year with a streak of three wins in a row. All the girls are in high spirits and hopeful that their seasons will be coming to a good end, as they are already two months into a roughly three month season, occasionally longer if the team wins their first game at playoffs.


Photo Credits: Girls Field Hockey

Team captain Lizzy Hughes states: “Everyone is working really hard and we’ve been winning more than we ever have before! It’s actually crazy that this is my second to last season  playing on the same team with all my friends, and I’m so proud of all of us. I hope that our season continues through playoffs and that we continue to stay positive on and off the team.”

 Nneoma Ibezue gave insights into the team’s stats, saying “Varsity has had seven wins and four losses.” She then goes on to praise their Coach Abell, who is new to Hammond’s coaching staff this year. 


Ibezue simply states, “Coach Abell is amazing,” a good indication of how the other players feel as well. 

Ibezue goes on to describe the positive impact she feels coach Abell has had on team. She says, “Coach Abell really works us to our limits. She pushes us beyond what we think our body can take, but that’s a good thing because we have an amazing outcome which is us winning games. We are doing better than Hammond’s field hockey programs from the past. We have a higher rank in the country from previous seasons. Personally I’m a much better player than I once was. I look at my team and get amazed everyday at the skills they have acquired in such a short period of time.” 

Tova Chertok feels good about this year’s season and their new coach. Chertok states, “Our new coach is really good, she knows what she’s doing, and she has taught us a lot this year.”

Coach Abell also had some words to share in regards to the season so far. ”As of now, with one game left, I would say incredible.

“This group of athletes came to prove something, and not for themselves individually, but for their teammates. I would say the best part of being with this team is the pride they have in their school and their commitment to being part of a team. This group has gained a lot of knowledge throughout the course of the season, creating many opportunities for themselves on playing field. 

“I would say the largest difference from the beginning of the season and where were sitting now would be the overall strength and skill of the team as a whole. We have strength in each position on the field, offensively and defensively. With a dominant midfield. Every game played is a full 100% team effort. I think the largest factor was that if we had a tough loss or had a bad practice these players learn from it. They have learned to fight, not to give up, and believe in something bigger than themselves.” 

Coach Abell is also clearly passionate about her players. It seems to be love at first sight between the coach her players, and they can only go up from here.