By Billy Liguori

Staff Writer

Pictured above: Izabel Stalnaker, senior captain of varsity field hockey team. Photographed by Lori Donato.

By Billy Liguori

Staff Writer

As fall sports began to take off, The Bear Press checked in with one captain from each team. We asked them questions about team highlights, rivals, post season goals, and overall team performance. Here is what each captain had to say:

Connor Walls, Golf

“One highlight from the year that stands out to me was when we won the Iron Skillet! Our team practiced so hard for the match, and we were able to conquer OM. We haven’t won since 2017, so it felt good!”

Jordan Campbell, Football

“The optimal goal would be to take home a state championship, but we need to start by winning counties. We are going to get there by hard work, dedication, and giving the best effort in all practices. We need to give the best version of ourselves on and off the field, allowing a winning mentality day in and day out.”

Izabel Stalnaker, Field Hockey

“We are playing more as a team and more unified. We are communicating much better and everyone is getting equal touches on the ball. Our team chemistry is definitely there, allowing us to push through tougher games as a competitive unit.”

Laura Keister, Girls Soccer

“The team highlight for me was improvement so far, as the amount of opportunities on goal we have had has increased due to improved passing and communication compared to other years.”

Walid Kokhar, Boys Soccer

“The rival we have is definitely OM because we are both 2a teams that have a history of always going back and forth each year. We have not played them this year, but we are going to make sure the job gets done.We will play more physically and have each other’s backs. We will play hard.”

Rylal Koroma, Volleyball

“This year we have a special and talented group of players. We are performing like we never were used to, and that is exciting. It feels like we can finally compete with the schools we used to be afraid of.”

Josh Speich, Cross Country

“Before every race, I rally the team together, give a pump up speech, and break it down. That is the ritual that allows us to compete at our highest level.”

Mr. Mehr Dhillon, Allied Soccer

“The biggest thing about this year is just getting the kids out and playing. Even though we only have two kids this year, it’s the thought of teaching them and letting them get better that matters. We are having a great time!”

Karley Wines, Cheer

“The progress that we have made over the short amount of time that we have had is amazing. I’m so proud of my teammates for being motivated everyday to get better.”

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