Breaking down the pros and cons at Hammond

By Ali Ahmed

Staff Writer

Pictured above: Students using their laptops to complete assignments in Ms. Stocklin’s AP English class.

As of August 30, 2021 Howard County Public School Systems has returned to in-person learning. This jump from online learning to in-person learning has caused many students and teachers to have to quickly adapt to a new lifestyle they had not seen for almost two full years. 

Hammond High School students and teachers harbor strong opinions on the ongoing debate between online school and in-person school. 

Hammond seniors Devon Yeckley, Hussain Masood, and Bennett Freeman all agreed that in-person school was more enjoyable by far.

Bennett commented, “I found in-person school way more enjoyable because I hardly get to see my friends.”

Mrs. Lerner, a teacher here at Hammond, also had something to say about both sides of the spectrum. “I don’t think I could say I enjoyed one over the other, but I could say I enjoyed aspects of each. For in-person, I’m a people person and what’s most important to me is building relationships with students and I also feel like…it’s more important learning and teaching one-on-one with kids. For online school, I loved everything I learned about technology and I feel like I advanced in my technology skills,” she commented.

When asked about which of the two types of learning had helped them more, the student answers varied.

Bennett stated that online school helped him more due to the lessened workload which allowed him to further understand concepts instead of just quickly finishing an assignment just for the grade.

Hussain argued for the other side, saying, “In-person school helped me more. With closer due dates and more aggressive workloads, you need to work harder and learn more…you are being forced to try your best.”

Finally, a question was proposed: If you had the chance, would you remain in-person for learning or would you revert to virtual learning?

This caused for mixed answers. The majority of the students chose the same answer which was online school due to it being less workload and allowing for more free time. The other students argued for the other side, responding with how in-person school was superior and as it is their senior year, they would much rather be in classes with their friends for a fun last year of high school. 

As for this reporter’s opinion? In-person interactions are what make school bearable for most of us. Having to stay online and stare at blank avatars while information is pumped into your head is never easy. 

Regardless of how we have had to deal with complications in the past with the current state of this world, we can hope we return to normal, with in-person learning without masks and mandates being the final goal. With the road we are on as we continue to stay safe and keep ourselves healthy, we can all slowly help return to normal times.