By Lynn Phillips

Staff Writer

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Dynasty is a show originally created in 1981. Due to its previous success it was brought back in 2017 on Netflix. The show is currently in its fifth season and takes place in Atlanta, Georgia in the modern setting. Some of the actors and actresses include Elizabeth Gillies, Grant Show, Adam Huber, Sam Adegoke, Alan Dale, and many, many more. The show is a stereotypical soap opera, yet it contains its own unique values and styles that set it aside from other soap operas. 

The show is about a billionaire family, the Carringtons, and their feuds with another billionaire family. The main character, Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies), is trying to start her own business and has struggles with the issues and dilemmas that are thrown her way. Her father, Blake Carrington (Grant Show), is also trying to keep his company running while being in a feud with another billionaire family and dealing with his new marriage. Fallon and her father go head to head at times due to their differences in personality. 

This show is filled with romance and themes of death that are seen constantly as the story progresses. The show capitalizes on showing the corrupt doings of the rich. It deals with the importance of family. Watching this show will cause you to go through a roller coaster of emotions, from the highs to the lows Dynasty is sure to keep you on your toes. 

Dynasty is a show that is constantly changing and adding new characters to advance the plot. They do well to make sure the storyline makes sense and comes together as they introduce new characters. It deals with some political issues, which I think it handles well. The show follows different stories of different characters. The show follows different stories of different characters, but all the stories fit together into one grand storyline. You would need to see the episodes in order, in order to understand. The writing of this show knows how to keep you hooked and wanting to watch more with it’s plotswists and new characters. 

The acting is very convincing. They portray the characters and their attributes perfectly. Some characters in the show can be callous and straight up evil at times, and the actors and actresses perform those traits perfectly. They overall do an amazing job in this show and makes you feel immersed in real life feuds between families. 

One thing that this show doesn’t do very well is keeping it very realistic. A lot of the scenarios in the show are very unrealistic and could ruin the show for some. That being said, it fits the nature of soap opera well. 

I personally think the show is good, I know it can be a bit unrealistic at times but it’s very interesting and gave me a good chuckle.  I overall recommend this show to people who like drama and like seeing what rich people live like. 

I would definitely recommend this show to people 14 and older, its unrealistic situations yet perfectly portrayed character will appeal to almost any teenager

The show doesn’t fall off, the seasons get better as you keep watching. It’s easy to get hooked after a few episodes. Even if it doesn’t seem like something up your alley, give it a watch and you might get hooked.

This show gets a total of 4.5/5 stars from me. I think this show has some good attributes but it also has some minor issues too. I personally love it and find it very entertaining, I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a new show in their watchlist.