By Morgan Prater

Staff Writer

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama that stars Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Eric Dane, Chandra Wilson, James Picken Jr., and Justin Chambers. It takes place in a hospital in Seattle, Washington called Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, which was formerly known as Seattle Grace Hospital. 

The show follows the life of a young surgical intern named Meredith Grey who is the daughter of a world-renowned surgeon named Ellis Grey. The show digs deep into Meredith’s life along with four other interns that work with her: Alex Karev, Christina Yang, Izzie Stevens, and George O’Malley. Together, they are navigating the world of surgery along with drama, relationships, and near-death experiences.

An aspect of filmmaking that I really like is the acting. Each actor plays their character’s role very well and they are very convincing as their characters. For example, Camilla Luddington plays a strong woman who continues to pursue her dreams despite being abandoned as a child and being abused by her husband. Her acting is quite convincing and even makes the viewer feel her pain.

I especially like the acting from the actor’s that play patients. All the patients in the beginning of the series have deep stories that draw the viewers in. The patients make the show. One of those patients in particular is Denny Duckett. Denny is played by Jeffery Dean Morgan. His character has heart problems, which is how he ends up at the hospital. He is very easy to become attached to and he has a very significant role in the first two seasons.

Another aspect of the film that I like is the editing. There are a lot of scenes that require extensive editing. For example, on one episode in the first season, a ferry boat explodes and the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial had to go to the site of the explosion to help the people affected by the blast.

The editing was really good at showing the flames on the boat and how half of the boat was mostly diminished. There was another chaotic scene where a patient caught on fire in the middle of surgery. That required a lot of editing in order to make the fire look real. Then, the music comes in, which makes the scene funnier than you would think it would be.

Grey’s anatomy is very shocking at times throughout the first 12 seasons. The amount of experiences that Meredith Grey and the people of this hospital endure is almost too crazy to be true in the eyes of people who don’t see things like this on a daily basis, such as myself.

I think this show deserves 4 stars for being entertaining, shocking, and somewhat educational (obviously not all the information is accurate). However, the show begins to go downhill after the twelfth season due to the lack of depth in the new characters. The cast is completely different and even the patients lack stories. The new storylines are very anticlimactic and none of the new characters stand out.